Persona 5 Royal Guide – Dive Into Mementos With These Tips

    Become a powerful Trickster by exploring Mementos.

    Mementos was really tedious in the original Persona 5, but Persona 5 Royal improves the deep dungeon immensely with some needed revisions. Before diving right into Mementos, we have some useful tips that Persona 5 Royal players should know.

    The Morgana Bus Can Dash

    Just like the protagonist himself, traversing Mementos in the Morgana Bus can be a breeze by using the dash button. The Morgana Bus can speed away rather quickly from alerted enemies too. However, be aware of the surroundings to avoid running into powerful enemies. If the player is overleveled in a Mementos area, the Morgana Bus is able to ram right into Shadows to acquire Personas, money, and items.

    Save Time on Backtracking With Mementos Overview

    Requests may require the crew to backtrack to certain Mementos areas in order to find the target. Fortunately, quick traveling is available for Mementos. Quick traveling is available from the Mementos entrance, save areas, and the end train platform in each Mementos area. In addition, Morgana tells the player whether the request target is in a preceding area or deeper inside Mementos.

    Look Out For Jewels

    Treasure Demons are rare in the Persona 5 Royal’s early palaces, but they’re common within Mementos. Unlike palaces, players can ambush a Treasure Demon directly on the field. They appear as big red jewels, so it’s hard to miss one when traversing Mementos. Treasure Demons are worth defeating since they’re a great source of money.

    Complete Multiple Requests At A Time

    To avoid multiple trips inside Mementos in one week, feel free to gather three or four requests at a time before diving in. Request targets may be within proximity of each, so exploring floors and defeating targets saves a lot of time for other activities. Feel free to plan out an approach for multiple confidants too since confidant requests don’t have an expiration date.

    Take Note of The Weather

    Weather conditions have varying effects within Mementos. These conditions are worth keeping track of since Shadows are affected.

    • Torrential Rain and Thunderstorms – Higher chance to find rare treasure chests and Shadows
    • Pollen Warning – Shadows may doze off during negotiations and ask for eye drops
    • Heat Wave – Shadows may suffer from burn at the start of battle
    • Flu Season – Shadows might suffer from Despair at the start of battle
    • Cold Wave – Shadows have a chance of being frozen at the start of battle
    Help Jose Out With Flowers and Stamps

    Jose is a new NPC that proves to be a valuable asset within Mementos and the story of Persona 5 Royal. He will ask the player to collect flowers and stamps scattered around Mementos in exchange for items and bonuses. These bonuses include item, money, and XP amplifiers.

    Flowers are found through the train tracks of Mementos, so accumulating a ton of them is rather straightforward. Stamps are found at the train platform at end of a floor and within hidden rooms in Mementos. Keep an eye out for breakable walls since it may lead to another stamp.

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    Persona 5 Royal is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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