Fire Emblem Engage: How to Get Iron

    Fire Emblem Engage has bartering and crafting systems. You can use various metals in order to get new weapons, clothing, and accessories. Use this FE Engage Iron Guide in order to stockpile plenty of Iron for your army!

    How to Get Iron

    It’s really simple to get plenty of Iron as you play normally. Just be thorough and you’ll find plenty!

    Here are the various ways to get Iron:

    • Adopt dogs and let them out to play. They will bring you metals. (Let them out at the stables near the Horse Stables at the northeast part of the Somniel)(animal guide)
    • Explore areas post-battle. Often, you will find metals lying around.
    • Donating to countries from your Bulletin Board will increase the odds of getting metals from exploring after battles. (Bulletin Board is located in Cafe Terrace at the Somniel)

    Trading Metals 

    You can actually trade different metals to get other metals at the smithy in the Somniel. You unlock them after Chapter 6.

    Here’s what you get when you trade:

    • Trade 1 Steel –  To get: 9 Iron
    • Trade 1 Silver – To get: 90 Iron
    • Trade 11 Iron – To get: 1 Steel
    • Trade 1 Silver – To get: 9 Steel
    • Trade 110 Iron – To get: 1 Silver
    • Trade 11 Steel – To get: 1 Silver

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    With all that being said, Fire Emblem Engage has a ton of content! It can be daunting in that regard. Be sure to check out these other guides for help and more details on the game!

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