Fire Emblem Engage: All Missable Characters

    Fire Emblem Engage is a stacked Tactics RPG with over 40 missions! Within these missions are optional characters that you can recruit to bolster your army. You don’t wanna miss any! That means you could lose a powerful ally or a new favorite character. Use this FE Engage Missable Characters Guide so that you don’t miss a single character!

    Missable Characters List

    These are the 6 optional characters in the game that you can miss! Every other character is obtained over the course of the main story, so you don’t have to worry about missing any character except for these!

    Use our Recruitment Guide for details like the where, when, and how to gain these allies!

    These optional characters are also spread out pretty evenly between chapters and some are even only available in side content!

    • Jean
    • Anna
    • Jade
    • Seadall
    • Saphir

    FE Engage Missable Characters Related Links

    Check out the game! It’s a deep and customizable Tactics RPG. It has a ton of characters to fall in love with, a tried and true story, beautiful art, and moving music. Even the side content is really fun and relaxing to balance out the turn-based, strategic action!

    Fire Emblem Engage – Available Now!

    With all that being said, Fire Emblem Engage has a ton of content! It can be daunting in that regard. Be sure to check out these other guides for help and more details on the game!

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