Fire Emblem Engage: How to Recruit Units

    How to Recruit every optional Unit!

    Recruiting new units during battle makes its return in Fire Emblem Engage! There are several battles where you can find stragglers or even enemies and turn them toward your cause! This usually involves picking out and talking to potential allies during battle. Our handy FE Engage Recruit Units Guide will tell you all you need to know to expand your army to the max!


    Not long after gaining access to the world map, Paralogue 1: A Budding Talent unlocks at Tea-Field Village. Speak to Jean with your Protagonist to recruit him, a talented martial monk who’s more than willing to bolster your roster as a healer.


    Anna is a recurring character in the series. She’s a cheerful and sly merchant that oozes charm! This is her youngest incarnation yet! You can recruit her during Paralogue 2: Mysterious Merchant. She’s hiding in a chest, so unlock them to find her. Once she pops out she’ll start moving around. Chase her down with your Protagonist and talk to her in order to recruit her.


    Jade is an armored knight found in Chapter 9. You must use the Protagonist or Diamant to talk to her in order to recruit her. Godspeed! You don’t want a possible ally to be slain before they can be recruited, do you? Plus, you can always use more tanks for your army!


    In order to recruit this splendid dancer you must first reach Chapter 16. You must defeat every other enemy on the map and then speak to Seadall with your Protagonist. If you do this you can recruit him to your army. His dancer skills allow him to buff your allies and his swift movements make him a boon in battle as well.


    Pay attention during Chapter 18 and you’ll notice an enemy unit that is having second thoughts. Prance on over to him and talk to him with your Protagonist. This will convince him to swap sides, gaining you a new ally! Lindon is an adept Sage, which will prove to be a powerful magic user for your army.


    You can recruit Saphir in Chapter 19 by talking to her with the Protagonist. She is plenty strong so you don’t have to rush to her aid. Though if you do, that just gives you another powerful ally to help you end this fight as soon as possible!

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