Fire Emblem Engage: How to Change Difficulty Level

    Pick the difficulty that's best for you as early as possible!

    Fire Emblem games pride themselves on their challenge. They are deep RPGs that have many ways to challenge you from proper prepping, good team building, and smart strategy. All this is coupled with being able to modify these parameters to match your play style. A huge part of this can lie in the difficulty options. Use our FE Engage Change Difficulty Guide in order to know what’s best for you and where the game could improve in accessibility!

    Why Would You Want to Change Difficulties?

    There are several reasons you may want to change difficulties. You may find the difficulty you selected to be not enjoyable or even too, well, difficult! The game balance may not match your play style on higher difficulties. It’s okay to try new things but remember to play in a way that makes things the most fun or comfortable to you! Don’t force yourself to play on a harder difficulty. Doing that could make you dislike a game you may otherwise have adored! 

    How to Change the Difficulty in FE Engage

    It’s actually really simple to change the game’s difficulty. You must first gain access to your base of operations, the Somniel, after completing Story Chapter 3. All you have to do is go to your room. In your room check your bed and select “Difficulty Setting” from the menu.


    You can only lower the difficulty, not raise it higher. Nor can you change the permadeath function from Classic to Casual.

    Sadly this means that if you find the current difficulty you selected too easy or boring, then you’re out of luck. This also means that if you dislike the Casual or Classic mode setting that you can’t remedy that. It’s nice that you can lower it. The way this is implemented means that you’ll have to restart the game if your difficulty is too low for you or if you don’t like your selected mode. This could mean losing only a few chapters of progress at minimum, but I feel that you won’t know if your chosen difficulty options are right for you 4 or even more chapters into the game.

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