Fire Emblem Engage: How to Get and Use Bond Fragments

    Fire Emblem Engage has an item you get an abundance of; Bond Fragments. What exactly are these used for? How do you get them? This handy FE Engage Bond Fragments Guide has all the answers you desire!

    How to Get Bond Fragments

    You can obtain Bond Fragments by doing various tasks. None of them are particularly taxing to accomplish and you can do them at your leisure during normal play. 

    • You can find them in Post-Battle Exploration segments. Either laying around or by talking to your allies.
    • Fulfilling Achievements. Completing certain Achievements gives you Bond Fragments. Be sure to go to the Bulletin Board in Cafe Terrace to accept your rewards!
    • You can find Bond Fragments in the Somniel by picking them up off of the ground, participating in minigames like fishing, and other side activities!
    • Petting and Feeding Sommie will give you Bond Fragments as well! So, take good care of him!

    How to Use Bond Fragments

    Bond Fragments are used to make Bond Rings. These augment your characters’ stats. You need 100 Bond Fragments to craft a Bond Ring. The spirit and stats associated with ring depend on the pedestal you craft it at and the Tier. You can craft them by visiting the Ring Chamber at the Somniel. A door to the Ring Chamber is located right in Cafe Terrace.

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    With all that being said, Fire Emblem Engage has a ton of content! It can be daunting in that regard. Be sure to check out these other guides for help and more details on the game!

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