Fire Emblem Engage: How to Change Classes

     A huge part of the strategy and fun of Fire Emblem Engage is the Class System. You can mix and match classes to either your liking or powerful character/class combinations! This FE Engage Change Classes Guide will tell you what you need to know about promoting and changing the class of any unit you want!

    How to Change Classes

    It’s super simple to change a character’s class. First, you need an item called a Second Seal. You can buy this from the Item Shop in the Somniel for 2500 Gold, out of treasure chests, or a reward after completing certain chapters. After that you just need to make sure your desired character is at least Level 10 in their current class. Use the Second Seal on them and you’re free to reclass them however you like!

    NOTE: In order to change to certain classes you may require Weapon Proficiency of a certain level. This can be improved by having your desired character use Emblem Rings of a character that uses that weapon. Bonding with that Emblem Ring will improve Weapon Proficiency

    When Should You Really Change a Class?

    Keep in mind, you don’t have to change a character’s class at Level 10. You can level them further, all the way to Level 20! If you do this you’ll let the character get stats for longer. Though if you find their current class too weak or not to your liking I recommend changing their class as soon as they hit Level 10. Do whichever you feel! Both have playstyle and strategic merit!

    NOTE: Special Classes like Thief or Dancer Level up to Level 40.

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