Atelier Ryza 3: Cleria Region Memoir Locations Guide

    Throughout the world of Atelier Ryza 3 you can find adventuring notes called ‘Memoirs’. They can be obtained by various means such as talking to named NPC, finding them on bookshelves, reading signs, and completing quests. Upon obtaining a memoir you can read it for a hint to discover some treasure or find a powerful enemy to fight. A Memoir Marker is also put on your map to help you out. Use our Ryza 3 Cleria Memoirs Guide to help you find them!

    Here’s a quick tip. If you zoom in on your map a little bit you can see NPC locations. Move your cursor over the icons and you can see if they have a name or not. These named NPC usually have a quest or memoir to give you.

    Atelier Ryza 3 Named NPC
    Using your map to spot the Named NPCs will make your life easier!

    Cleria Region Memoirs

    • Registered Mail to Peers: Cleria Region | Port of Cleria (near the pond outside of the port town) – inside of a barrel
    • Resting Bridge Treasure: Cleria Region | Fairystone Workshop (near the entrance to the building) – stack of books on the ground
    • Peculiar Power of Cleria Harbor: Cleria Region | Sardonica () – Mysterious Mage(Named NPC)
    • Fariystone Mine Materials: Cleria Region | Sardonica (courtyard south of Fairystone Workshop) – Fairystone Guild Craftswoman(Named NPC)
    • Fairystone Mine Treasure: Cleria Region | Sardonica (inside Craftsman Union HQ) – Smart Girl(Named NPC)
    • Sale of Artifacts: Cleria Region | Sardonica (Inside Fairystone Workshop) – stack of books inside the building
    • Record of the Establishment of Sardonica 2: Cleria Region | Sardonica (inside Craftsman Union Headquarters) – on a bookshelf
    • Terror of the Fairystone Mine: Cleria Region | Sardonica (inside Craftsman Union Headquarters) – stack of books
    • Peculiar Power of Fairystone Mine 1: Cleria Region | Resting Bridge (bridge outside of east Sardonica and near Glasswork Building) – Complete Quest ‘Bring Back the Market Manager’ (must first complete ‘Where Did That Energy Go’ and ‘Dreaming of the Market Revival’)
    • Peculiar Power of Waterfall Slope: Mining Highway | Port of Cleria (Near the exit of the port town from a merchant) – Complete Quest ‘Small Devils on the Road’
    • Peculiar Power of Fairyston Mine 2: | (Bridge outside of East Sardonica and near Glasswork Building landmark) – Complete Quest ‘Making the Market Attraction’ (Must complete the prior quests found in the same location)
    • Artisan Town Treasure: Sardonica | Artista Artisan Town (next to the Fairystone Workshop landmark) – Complete Quest ‘New and Super Precious Material’
    • Distribution of Artifacts 2: Astrad Heights | Fairystone Crystal Mine (near the entrance to the area coming from the village with the waterwheel, near a house by the first set of ziplines. Northwest of the Mine resthouse on a raised cliffside connected with bridges. There is also a crane and some workers in this area.) – stack of books
    • Establishment of Sardonica 1: Sardonica | Artista Artisan Town (inside Glasswork Workshop) – on a bookshelf
    • Distribution of Artifacts 1: Astrad Heights | Fairystone Crystal Mine (directly north of Great Waterwheel landmark. stack of books under a shed on the side of the road ) – examine the books
    • The Road to Reconciliation: Astrad Heights | Fairystone Crystal Mine (the fairystone shipping facility directly west to the Old Fairystone Silo landmark) – Barrel! in the back of the facility
    • To the Master: Astrad Heights | Fairystone Crystal Mine(near the lava area. Outcropping northeast to the Spinel Forest landmark and south of the zipline near Fountain Square Entrance landmark) – books in a tent
    • Records Related to the Southern Forest: Fariyston Cargo Route | Rainbow Canyon (on the island southeast of Phantom Waterfall landmark. Requires Water Beast to go up the waterfall directly next to the landmark.) – read the stone monument
    • Terror of Crystalshine Ruins: Sardonica | Artista Artisan Town (NPC directly inside the Glasswork Workshop building) – speak to Shameless Craftsman
    • Second Punitive Force Report: Scintilla Mine | Crystal Light Site (directly south of Inverted Crystal landmark. In the circular cave/room.) – in a Barrel!

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