Atelier Ryza 3: Synthesis Tips and Tricks

    Synthesis is an integral part of the identity of the Atelier series. The crafting system controls story progress and allows you to make powerful items and gear. Use our Atelier Ryza 3 Synthesis Tips Guide to get started!

    Key Nodes

    Key Nodes are the only nodes you have to put a material in to make an item. Key Nodes have a more extravagant look to them and are bigger than the other nodes. Sometimes you have to match their element requirement. All you have to do is place a material that matches the element symbol.

    Additional Nodes

    Additional Nodes are extra nodes that can activate various useful Traits and Effects on the item you are currently crafting. You must meet the element requirement in order to do this.

    Recipe Morph

    A Recipe Morph involves filling the Key Nodes and then some Additional Nodes until you reach an Additional Note labeled ‘Recipe’. Meeting the item and element requirement turns your current item into a completely new item! This is very handy if you wish to expand your repertoire!


    Effects are, well, Effects! They apply unique attributes to your items and gear. Some Nodes will require you to set multiple ingredients with a matching element to unlock these. Effects are very useful for your Battle Items and Survival Tools. In order to reach certain locations or get certain materials you need to get good effects on your gear.


    Traits are extra perks you can apply to gear. Just place the items with the traits you want to apply in order to get the chance to apply them to your item at the end of synthesis.

    Trait slots

    All of those amazing Traits that you can unlock through Synthesis require unlocked Trait Slots. Keep an eye out for Additional Slots that have the Effect of ‘Additonal Trait Slot’. Unlocking these is what makes your Traits actually apply to your current item. There will be a Lock Icon on Traits at the end of synthesis if you didn’t unlock enough Trait Slots. 

    Super Trait

    Super Traits follow the same basics that Traits do, except they require you to unlock an Additional Node that has the Effect ‘Additional slots for Super Traits’. These Traits are usually pretty good so be sure to get some on your good gear.


    Auto-Add is a feature that has the game pick and choose what items go into your synthesis attempt. You can pick High Quality or Low Quality. This feature is great when you want to quickly make items. Be careful! It can add in items you may not want to lose!

    Gem Reduction

    Gem Reduction is required for Item Rebuilding and Item Duplication. You turn items into this valuable resource.

    Item Rebuilding.

    Item Rebuilding lets you add even more materials to an already synthesized item. This feature is integral to making ultra-powerful items. You have to buy Skill Tree nodes with SP to increase your Rebuild Level since it is capped to lower levels early on. Using this feature requires Gems.

    Item Duplication

    You can spend Gems to duplicate an already synthesized item. This is useful if you only have enough materials to make one powerful item if you want to save time and materials.

    Secret Keys

    You can eventually use Secret Keys to alter a Recipe and Increase its Recipe Level. This can do things like allow you to use more items, change the item’s element, or give a quality increase.

    Link Morph

    After filling in the Key Nodes you can actually change the qualities of the Aditional Nodes by doing this. This lets you customize many items even further. 

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    Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key is an amazing time that I highly recommend. So please consider checking out the Atelier series and the other Ryza games.

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