Octopath Traveler II: Are There Difficulty Options?

    Difficulty options in games offer players of various skill levels and preferences to enjoy games how they like. Does Octopath Traveler II have Difficulty options? Check out our Octopath Traveler II Difficulty Options Guide to learn more!

    Are There Difficulty Options?

    Well, sadly there are no difficulty options. A shame, especially since Square Enix games have been good about this recently, even prior Team Asano games like Bravely Default back in 2013 had difficulty options. To be fair, it could be argued that this game is going for a more old-school vibe. Though upon scrutiny this doesn’t logically hold up due to Quality of Life features in the game such as a minimap and autosaves. Rolling with the lack of options, there are of course many different ways to manage the difficulty in your favor.

    How to Manage Difficulty

    Understanding mechanics is the main thing you can do to manage the game’s difficulty. Pay attention to your Characters’ equipment, jobs, abilities, and Latent Powers. Use everything you have at your disposal and experiment in order to figure out strategies. Don’t fear failure. You only fail if you fail to try. The game has autosaves which makes death a non-issue. Danger Levels can also be used to gauge whether or not you want to explore an area. 

    Something I did in the first game was sequence break. I’d go into areas way above my level to nab some treasure chests or make it to a late-game town. This would get me some good items early. Though running from battles can be tiring. However, if you get some good gear you can face off against stronger opponents more easily. Killing high-level monsters will earn a TON of experience and minimize any grinding you may want to do.

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