Octopath Traveler II: What Do Path Actions Do?

    Path Actions make their return in Octopath Traveler II. They have many use cases, so be sure to use this Octopath Traveler II Path Actions Guide to learn all you need to know! Don’t worry, we won’t ruin your reputation. This guide has a 100% to work!

    What are Path Actions Exactly?

    Path Actions are used to interact with NPCs in the world. It’s a great way to have plenty of problem-solving during the story, exploration, and side stories. Each character has two Path Actions. Path Actions allow you to get items from NPCs, Recruit NPCs, Get Info from NPCs, and get NPCs out of your way.

    What Path Actions does Each Character Have?

    Hikari: Challenge (duel) Bribery (gain info)

    Agnea: Allure(recruit) Entreat (get item)

    Partitio: Purchase (get item) Hire (recruit)

    Throne: Stea (get item)l Ambush (duel)

    Ochette: Provoke (duel) Befriend (recruit)

    Osvald: Scrutinize (get info) Mug (get item)

    Castti: Inquire (get info) Soothe (move NPC)

    Temenos: Guide (recruit) Coerce (get info)

    Failing Path Actions and Restoring Reputation

    Many Path actions involve being at the mercy of winning a battle or a percent chance of success. Some also require having a high enough level or having enough money. If you happen to fail these you will take a hit to your reputation. Reputation is lost per town. If you happen to ruin your rep, then you can’t use your Path Actions in that town. You can restore your reputation by going to the local tavern and paying the barkeep a fee to restore it. It costs a different amount per town. For risky Path Action endeavors, I recommend save scumming.

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