Octopath Traveler II: How to Defeat Octopuff Traveler

    In Octopath Traveler II there are some rare monsters that net some great rewards if you manage to defeat them. One of them being the fabled Octopuff Traveler! Use our Octopath Traveler II Octopuff Traveler guide to learn all about these mysterious creatures!

    Where to Find Them

    These wonderful little critters are scattered all across the world and can be encountered practically everywhere. Very reminiscent of Dragon Quest’s Metal Slimes. They don’t have a particularly high spawn rate so using the Hunter job’s ‘More Rare Monsters’ skill to raise their encounter rate is a must!

    How to Beat Them

    These guys LOVE running away and have high evasion. Using soulstones is handy due to them never missing. It is a good idea to try to break them, but it can be hard to discern their weaknesses quickly or even through several encounters. You can also use the Merchant’s ‘Hired Help’ skill in order to hit them physically. Though, depending on who you’ve hired and how much money you have, this may not be the best option either. Latent Powers are a great way to deal a lot of damage quickly as well as granting other boons, so they can be a great option depending on your circumstances. The ‘Heightened Senses’ skill from the Hunter job is great to have because it increases the odds of a character acting first in battle!


    Remember how I said determining their weakness is tricky? Well, here they are! (as to not add to your frustration!)

    Octopuff Weaknesses: -Sword – Dagger – Axe – Staff

    Isn’t it messed up how it’s difficult to hit them yet their weaknesses are all physical?


    Defeating one of these will net you 1500 Leaves, 500 EXP, and 300 JP. Other variants such as the Octopuff King give you even more!

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