Octopath Traveler II: How to Get Money Quickly

    Money makes the world go ‘round, as they say. Even in Octopath Traveler II! You need plenty of cash in order to buy items and equipment. You even need money to utilize certain Path Actions! Use our Octopath Traveler II Money Farming Guide so that you don’t stay broke!

    Battle Bonuses

    Completing battles in specific ways grant you bonuses that give you extra cash, JP, and EXP.

    Overkill is earned by dealing a powerful killing blow to a weakened enemy and nets you an EXP bonus. Untouched is earned by not taking any damage during a battle and nets you a money bonus. Domination is earned by killing an enemy in a single hit and nets you a JP bonus. Break is earned by breaking an enemy during battle and nets you an EXP bonus.


    Certain skills will allow you to make more money from battles!

    • Grows on Trees: (Merchant passive skill) Enemies drop more money after battle (unlocks after getting 4 job skills)
    • Collect: (Merchant combat skill) Battle skill that takes money from enemies. The lower the enemy’s HP the more you get.

    Sell Stuff

    This is a simple way to maximize your funds and minimize your expenditures. Have some old equipment? Sell it. Find some duplicate items from monster drops or treasure chests? Sell them too. Stumble across some goods that don’t have any other purpose other than to be sold? Well, of course, you should sell THAT stuff!

    Side Quest Rewards

    This is another simple way to get extra cash as you travel throughout Solistia. When you see a person in need just speak to them and nab their personal request. Many of these are relatively simple to complete as you do your normal journeying. Accept as many as possible and finish them at your discretion. They will net you various rewards, including… MONEY.

    Special Monsters

    There are two special monsters that give you large amounts of EXP, JP, and money if you manage to defeat them. Forewarning, these monsters are hard to hit and are inclined to flee quickly.

    The first monster in question is the Octopuff Traveler. Defeating one of these will net you 1500 Leaves, 500 EXP, and 300 JP. Defeating one of these guys can be a challenge, however.

    The second monster you should keep an eye out for is the Cait Sith. Defeating one of these will net you 3000 Leaves, 1000 EXP, and 150 JP. Defeating one of these guys can be a challenge, however.

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