Octopath Traveler II: Altar Locations Guide

    In Octopath Traveler II there are alters scattered all across the land. Each houses a powerful EX Skill for your characters’ jobs. There is a distinct icon on your radar that shows the altar locations when you’re close enough to them. Use our Octopath Traveler II Altar Locations Guide to help discover the true strength of each job!


    The Warrior Altar is located near Canalbrine. Go west to the Canalbrine Bridge. Take a south-going path that leads to Western Conning Creek Coast. Head west to Eastern Sai Sands. There is a set of ruins in the southernmost section of the area. Head into the ruins and you’ll find some stairs that lead down to the altar.

    • EX Skill: Ultimate Stance – Grants an effect that allows the user to hit all foes using their basic attack. (10 SP)


    The Dancer Altar is located near Cropdale. Go to the Eastern Cropdale Trail and follow the southern path. Follow the western path once you reach Southern Cropdale Trail. When you’re on Northern Wellgrove Trail take the north-heading path until you find a cave near a tree.

    • EX Skill: Windy Refrain – Deal wind-based damage to all foes and cause your allies to act first on the next turn. (18 SP)


    The Thief Altar is located near New Delsta. Go to the Eastern New Delsta Highroad. Keep heading east through Western Clockbank Highroad and head into Southern Clockbank Highroad. Head north to a wooden bridge and use a Canoe to get into the river. Head east to some waterfalls then go south to find the altar.

    • EX Skill:  Veil of Darkness– Deal dark-based damage to all foes, and dodge 1 physical attack with a 100%. (25 SP)


    The Scholar Altar is located near Winterbloom. Keep heading west outside of the town until you come across a bridge. There’s a ledge that lets you go under the bridge. Just keep going north underneath the bridge.

    • EX Skill: Teach – Grants a single ally your attribute-raising effects for 2 turns. (12 SP)


    The Cleric Altar is located near Flamechurch. Go to Eastern Flamechurch Pass. Continue until you reach Borderfall. Head north and take a western path until you find a church. The left bookshelf inside of the church has a hidden door to the altar behind it.

    • EX Skill: Prayer for Plenty – Restore HP to a single ally, ignoring their max HP. (20 SP)


    The Merchant Altar is located near Crackridge Harbor: Anchorage. Journey north of here. Take the eastern fork in the road when you reach it in Southern Crackridge Wilds. Continue east into some mines that are behind a treasure chest. The altar is even further east past the mines.

    • EX Skill: Negotiate Schedule– Allows the user to pay money to a single enemy to let the user act first. (0 SP)


    The Hunter Altar is located near Beasting Bay: Anchorage. Head to Western Tropu’hopu Traverse. You’ll reach a beach if you keep traveling east. Head south towards a chest on a cliff and you’ll find the altar.

    • EX Skill: Indomitable Beast – Raise your physical attack, evasion, and speed for 3 turns. (18 SP)


    The Apothecary Altar is located near Conning Creek. Follow the northern path until you reach a fork in the road, then swap to the eastern path. The altar is inside the temple you’ll come across.

    • EX Skill: Drastic Measures – Deals damage to a single foe with an axe and nullifies their active ailments and debuffs. Power increases with the number of status effects nullified. (18 SP)

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