Witch and Lilies Enters Steam Early Access on May 24

    Previously featured at INDIE Live Expo.

    Stromatosoft and Tasto Alpha announced that dungeon RPG Witch and Lilies enters Steam Early Access on PC on May 24. The game will receive various updates and improvements leading up to the full release.

    Witch and Lilies was previously featured at INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023 with an exciting trailer. This new RPG combines dungeon crawling elements with romance sims for a unique experience launching in just a few days. 

    Witch and Lilies Steam Early Access Trailer

    Lastly, here’s an overview of the game, via Steam: 

    The bonds between girls will be the key to adventure!
    Witch and Lilies is unique RPG that combines immersive dungeon crawler elements with a romantic relationship sim! Form a party of five from a selection of ten unique job classes, and conquer the labyrinth left behind by the witch of world creation, all while nurturing the relationships between the girls.

    Made With Love For the Classic Dungeon Crawler!

    A fully-fledged 3D dungeon crawler that combines deep turn-based combat and vast dungeon exploration!

    Lead your party to explore extensive dungeons and aim to conquer the deepest floors. Dark caves, underground lakes, volcanoes, ancient ruins…the floors of the labyrinth house myriad dangers, and each hides terrifying yet distinctive monsters adapted to their environment. As you explore the deepest depths, uncover the mysteries left by the witch of world creation!

    Battle against monsters in familiar turn-based battles!

    The bonds between the girls will significantly affect the outcome these nostalgic yet deeply strategic battles! Experiment with party composition and skill combinations to devise a strategy, and put your party to the test against dangerous and powerful monsters.

    Create Your Own Characters With 10 Unique Jobs!

    Choose skills from the skill tree to nurture the characters to form your own party!

    As the party leader, players organize a party of up to five characters from 10 different job classes.
    For example, there are warriors skilled in melee combat, knights that shield the party, wizards with powerful magic and great firepower, and scouts proficient in traps disarming and reconnaissance.
    Each job class has distinctive stats and skills, allowing you to assign specific roles to your characters. Through skill tree-based skill development, characters evolve however you see fit to fill any role!

    The Bonds Between Girls Are the Key to Adventure!

    The favorability among the girls varies based your advice. As bonds deepen and couples form, they gain additional strength as they battle together!

    Among the girls in your party, there are levels of liking and dissatisfaction. When their relationship reaches a certain level, they progress to dating and confession events, eventually becoming lovers. As lovers, they will be able to protect each other in battle and unleash powerful joint attacks, providing a significant edge during adventure. Dates and confessions are events that can unfold differently based on the characters’ personalities!

    However, love is not always straightforward. Sometimes, girls may experience breakups. Even lovers might breakup, or someone may experience jealousy when her love interest gets “taken”.

    As the leader of the party, order and lead the pairing of the girls based on their compatibility. Pair up party members based on your own tastes, be it personal preference or strategic advantage. It’s all up to you!

    Lead your party to the deepest depths of both dungeons and love!
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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