Octopath Traveler II: How to Change the Time of Day

    Octopath Traveler II has a new Day and Night Cycle feature! It lets you marvel at the wonderful art style in different lighting conditions and offers various benefits! Use our Octopath Traveler II Changing Time Guide to fully understand this new mechanic!

    How to Change the Time of Day

    This is actually quite simple. Just tap the R2/ZR button on your controller! Yep! That’s it! A single button press allows you to change the time of day. No menu opening or selecting specific times. This is a really streamlined way of doing it! However, the time of day does CHANGE things about the game!

    What It Changes

    Your characters’ Path Actions change at night. For example, Hikari’s daytime Path Action is Challenge, where you can challenge NPCs to a duel. However, when the sun sets Hikari’s Path Action changes to Bribery. This lets you buy information from NPCs instead. This will be imperative in completing story missions and sidequests. Every character having two Path Actions will make your party extremely versatile even outside of battles. 

    There are also secret Black Market shops that open up only at night in each town. Their stock changes every night so keep an eye out for what you want! These goods are expensive so buy them at your own discretion.

    Stronger monsters also come out at night. This makes traveling more dangerous at night but it can provide a great opportunity to level-grind some! Of course, new monsters can offer new drops and allow your Hunter to capture stronger creatures for you to use in battle.

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