SaGa Emerald Beyond Demo Releases April 4

    Out tomorrow.

    Square Enix has announced that a brand-new demo for SaGa Emerald Beyond is set to release tomorrow, April 4. Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC will all receive the demo. This comes just a few weeks away from the highly anticipated title, which is the first standalone console SaGa title in 8 years. 

    The title was first announced during the September 2023 Nintendo Direct, with release information confirmed during the SaGa Glimmerfest 2023 livestream in December. The SaGa Emerald Beyond demo will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch at midnight in your local timezone. For Steam (PC) players, you’ll need to wait until 9 AM PDT to access the demo. 

    SaGa Emerald Beyond features six protagonists which are connected through 17 interconnected worlds. Here, you must join together and connect all the worlds together. Ultimately, this means that the story and fate of these worlds are in your hands, which allows for numerous paths and branches to follow. Each playthrough of SaGa Emerald Beyond will turn out differently depending on your choices. While the series is known for its branching stories and player-choice options, SaGa Emerald Beyond looks to offer the biggest number of options yet.

    The title also features plenty of new combat abilities with its turn-based combat system. Turn order is a focus here, with abilities allowing you to control the order in which your party members attack. You can also utilize team combos to deal massive damage to enemy opponents. 

    We’ll post demo impressions once we’ve had a chance to check it out. Stay tuned! SaGa Emerald Beyond is set to release on April 25 across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PC.

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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