Idol Showdown Reveals Free DLC Character Ina & Update 4.0.0 Patch Notes

    New character is arriving alongside it!

    Idol Showdown revealed the patch notes for the upcoming update, 4.0.0, on the game’s Steam page. The new update will include additional features, universal gameplay changes, a new character, changes to existing characters, and so much more. This news comes from Idol Showdown‘s official X/Twitter account. Players can expect to experience this brand-new update on May 5 at 7 PM EST.

    Along with the changes listed above, many modifications have been made to the online system, virtual frontier, user interface, and audio. Additionally, there will also be new content added to the game such as shops, bosses, difficulty options, and much more. To learn more of the patch notes in detail, click here.

    Idol Showdown Update 4.0.0 – The Patch Notes

    idol showdown 4.0.0 patch notes

    Here’s an overview of Idol Showdown via its official Steam page:

    About Idol Showdown

    Made by hololive fans, for hololive fans. Idol Showdown is the definitive fan-made hololive fighting game experience, powered by rollback netcode. Engage in exciting duels as your favorite hololive talent and prove once and for all who the strongest idol is using the game’s easy-to-learn controls.

    Key Features

    • Easy Controls – Pick up on this game’s easy-to-learn control scheme in no time to get straight into playing. Even hololive fans who are inexperienced with traditional fighting games can have fun!
    • Rollback Netcode – Besto Games has been hard at work developing the game’s online rollback netcode to make the online experience as smooth as we can.
    • An Immersive hololive Experience – Explore the vast world of hololive from our roster of iconic hololive talents, with moves inspired by their most memorable moments and personality traits. Fight across the virtual world in lovingly recreated hololive locations. Jam out to remixes of your favorite hololive original songs while raising idol hell.
    • Fast 2D Combat – hololive talents are reimagined as core fighting game archetypes with a unique twist. Raise chaos in the battlefield with flashy attacks and high-octane action.

    Lastly, Idol Showdown is available now on PC via Steam with English and Japanese language options. 

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