Quality Assurance in Another World Anime Airing on July 5

    Theme songs and new cast members revealed.

    The staff for the upcoming Quality Assurance in Another World anime have revealed that it is airing on July 5. They’ve also revealed new cast members and theme songs for the series.

    Masamichi Sato launched the Quality Assurance in Another World manga in Kodansha’s Comic Days service in 2020. Kodansha USA publishes the manga digitally and in print as an ongoing series. The series’ popularity prompted the production of the new anime series for 2024 by Studio Palette. 

    Quality Assurance in Another World Reveals Premiere Date, Theme Songs, and Cast

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    Quality Assurance in Another World will officially air on July 5. The distributor of the series is currently unknown. That said, the anime’s staff confirmed the series’ opening and ending themes. Liyuu will perform the OP, “No Complete,” while the duo, NACHERRY will perform the ED, “Loop.” The cast of the anime is as follows:

    • Kaito Ishikawa as Haga
    • Hinaki Yano as Nikola
    • Reiji Kawashima as Amano
    • Rie Takahashi as Akira
    • Daisuke Ono as Jin
    • Kishō Taniyama as Sakai
    • Nobuhiko Okamoto as Suzuki
    • Natsumi Murakami as Namiko
    • Kentarō Kumagai as Kuro-chan
    • Kentaro Itō sa Shachō
    • Kenichirō Matsuda as Sumida
    • Chiemi Tanaka as Kana

    Here’s an overview of the anime via Crunchyroll:

    Despite its location in a remote region south of the continent of Felnarc, the island of Clayborne is made up of five small countries crowded together and in constant conflict. In the most remote reaches of the smallest and most peaceful country on the island, the Kingdom of Bayle, is the small village where a girl named Nikola lives a humble life.

    One day, while she’s out gathering firewood as she does every day, a massive dragon—a creature that’s supposed to only live deep in the mountains—appears in front of her. Just as it’s about to attack the village, a man named Haga rushes to the scene. Haga is a member of the King’s Seekers, a top secret investigation team. Nikola has never once felt bored with her peaceful life, even when every single day is practically the same, but after meeting Haga, she’s so intrigued by Haga and his travels that she decides to step out into the world herself… and then the learns the true nature of her world.

    Lastly, Quality Assurance in Another World will air on July 5.

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