The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie Mini-Games Guide

    A lot of leisure time to be spent in the True Reverie Corridor.

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie is filled with variety due to mini-games and additional content outside of the main story. A bulk of the game’s side content is accessible through the True Reverie Corridor’s Reverie Garden, which becomes accessible in Chapter 1. This guide outlines the mini-games found within The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie and how to unlock additional mini-game stages and bonuses.

    With the exception of Vantage Masters and fishing, all mini-games may be accessed at the Reverie Garden’s Sporting Stone. Only a few mini-games are unlocked at the start, but players will receive more by unsealing Red Sealing Stones at the Unsealing Pedestal. As a reminder, Red Sealing Stones are a potential reward given upon defeating a boss or “Formidable Foe” in the True Reverie Corridor. Each mini-game has Missions that may be completed for additional rewards. These Missions are easy to track within the game, and a notification and sound will play once a mini-game Mission is complete. 

    Here are all of the mini-games available in The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie:

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie Mini-Games

    Magical Alisa RS

    Magical Alisa RS is a fun shoot ’em up mini-game where Alisa, Laura, Emma, Musse, and Juna team up to bring Demon King Rean back to his senses. This mini-game is unlocked early in The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie after unsealing a Red Sealing Stone at the Sealing Pedestal in the Reverie Garden. Players are awarded with Silver Shards for their performance during a Magical Alisa RS stage. Additionally, stages may be replayed on a higher difficulty for extra rewards. Two more Magical Alisa RS stages may be unlocked by obtaining and unsealing more Red Sealing Stones throughout the course of the game.

    Pom Pom Party

    The returning Puyo Puyo-inspired Pom Pom Party mini-game is relatively straightforward, but the mini-game has some new twists in The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie. Pom Pom Party may be unlocked by purchased it from the Central Core’s Phantasmal Shards shop in the Reverie Garden. More opponents may be unlocked by purchasing bundles with Phantasmal Shards as well. These bundles will be made available as the player progress through the main story and True Reverie Corridor floors, so the Phantasmal Shards shop is always worth revisiting. After facing all Pom Pom Party opponents within the main story portion of the game, KeA may become an opponent after talking to her in the True Reverie Corridor. Then, players may purchase a bonus bundle of opponents and unlock the Pom Pom Party Marathon Mode mini-game with Phantasmal Shards.

    Project Tyrfing

    Project Tyrfing is a mech action mini-game where players control Rean in a Tyrfing S, an all-new original Soldat designed by Makarov. Across three stages, Rean will test the mech’s capabilities in combat by battling archaisms and other Soldats piloted by Class VII. This particular mini-game shares the back-story behind the testing of the Tyrfing model seen in the main story, so it’s presented similarly to a Daydream. Once more, all three stages may be unlocked through the use of Red Sealing Stones.

    Beachside Vay-Cay

    Beachside Vay-Cay in Trails into Reverie

    As the name suggests, Beachside Vay-Cay brings players to Lakeside Beach in Mishelam for some fun. Rean and the rest of Class VII may participate in mini-games by using MWL Tickets. In addition, Rean may bond with a female member of Class VII in a more intimate mini-game at Lakeside Beach. Only a few tickets are given when the mini-game is first unlocked, but players may earn more tickets by farming enemies from the True Reverie Corridor or visiting shops. Only one Red Sealing Stone is required to enjoy Beachside Vay-Cay, and players may revisit the mini-game as they please.

    Who Wants to be a Mirannaire?

    Who Wants to Be a Mirannaire?

    Who Wants to be a Mirannaire? is a quiz show hosted by the mysterious Beryl, who appears to have fourth wall-breaking knowledge about Falcom games. After unlocking the mini-game with a Red Sealing Stone, players may take on the Easy level, which features general questions about lore from the Trails series. If the player answers a question incorrectly, answering time is deducted. The mini-game ends once time has been exhausted or all questions have been answered, and an overall score is given based on performance. The higher the score, the better the reward given at the end of the level. Like prior mini-games in this guide, more additional stages are unlockable through the use of Red Sealing Stones. A total of four Who Wants to be a Mirannaire? stages.

    Vantage Masters

    Vantage Masters in Trails into Reverie

    Vantage Masters returns in all its glory, and the card-game has more cards than ever before in The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie. Fortunately, all of the opponents may be faced in the Reverie Garden since challenges are not issued within Zemuria this time around. Additionally, all of the cards may be acquired by defeating Vantage Master opponents and purchasing the cards outright at the Millennial Trove shop in the Reverie Garden. Every opponent may be found in our Trails into Reverie Vantage Masters guide, and a separate Forging Vantage Masters Dojo mini-game may be unlocked in the post-game. Forging VM Dojo may be accessed from the Sporting Stone once available.


    Fishing mini-game

    The returning fishing mini-game is rather straightforward, but there are several locations and fishes to consider while aiming for 100% completion. Many of the fishing spots are inaccessible in the Finale and Post-Game section, so check out our in-depth Trails into Reverie fishing guide for everything you need to know. 

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam.

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