Every New Mario Game Releasing in 2023 & Beyond

    The future of Mario has arrived.

    The most recent Nintendo Direct focused primarily on several brand-new Mario games. It’s been almost six years since the last major Mario game in the form of Super Mario Odyssey, and even longer since the previous 2D Mario was released. However, with all of the brand-new announcements, it may be hard to keep track of all the upcoming releases. Here’s an overview of every new Mario Game that will release in 2023 and beyond.

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder

    A screenshot of Super Mario Bros Wonder World Map

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the first new 2D Mario released in over ten years. Set to release on October 20, 2023, the game will feature a unique art style and six playable characters, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, and Daisy. Wonder will also include a new world and power-ups. These include the wonder flower and the ability to turn into an elephant. Super Mario Bros. Wonder will undoubtedly be a massive hit and a great new rejuvenation to the 2D Mario formula.

    Super Mario RPG

    Super Mario RPG Remake Key Art

    After almost thirty years of waiting, Super Mario RPG is finally being remade for modern hardware. The game will stay true to the original’s gameplay and music, with the original composer, Yoko Shimomura, set to return for the remake. The upcoming release will be the first time in years that Super Mario RPG has been released on modern hardware, and it appears to be a graphical gameplay marvel that honors the legacy and style of the original.

    Princess Peach Game

    Princess Peach Game Thumbnail

    One of the most surprising new Mario games announced doesn’t even feature Mario. Next to nothing is currently known about the upcoming Princess Peach game. What we do know is that it’ll release in 2024 and will be a new kind of 2D platformer. That said, it’s been nearly twenty years since the last game focused on Princess Peach, and it will be interesting to see how this game lives up to the more traditional Mario games.

    Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon HD

    Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

    Finally, a remastered version of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon was officially announced. Also set to release in 2024, the game will update the graphics of the original 3DS game for the Nintendo Switch. This isn’t the first time a Luigi’s Mansion game has come to the Switch. Luigi’s Mansion 3 was released on the Nintendo Switch a few years back. A Dark Moon Remaster is fascinating for its implications. It opens the door for the original Luigi’s Mansion to be ported to the Switch, and other 3DS games could also be remastered. Only time will tell how the HD version will perform on the Switch compared to the 3DS version.

    Those are currently all of the upcoming Mario games that have been confirmed! It remains to be seen what is next for the franchise. It’s possible we could get a new Mario Sports game, Mario Kart 9, or a new 3D Mario Game announced over the next few years. However, what is clear is that there’s never been a better time to be a Mario fan.

    Stay tuned to Final Weapon for more coverage on the future of the Mario franchise.

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