New Princess Peach Solo Game Announced, Releases in 2024

    Princess Peach is the star of the show.

    A new game for Nintendo Switch starring Princess Peach has been announced at the latest Nintendo Direct. Very few details have been given, but it appears to be an adventure game with light action and platforming elements.

    Even in the middle of all of the announcements and surprises at the Nintendo Direct, the Peach game stands out because it is something entirely new. The game sees Peach and a new companion character on an adventure with a handcrafted stage-like style. Peach can explore and use the new character to fight enemies along a 2.5D plane in a charmingly theatrical world. Peach even gets new power-ups, although what they do wasn’t revealed.

    Check out the brand-new announcement trailer below, via GamersPrey:

    Princess Peach Game Announcement Trailer

    Official Screenshots

    Other Mario Announcements

    The Princess Peach game was sandwiched between the massive announcements of the Super Mario RPG Remake, which releases in November and the remaster of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, slated to release next year. The former is a long-awaited reimagining of a beloved Super Nintendo cult classic that brings it to a new audience. The latter is a remaster of one of the 3DS’ oldest games that received critical acclaim on its release.

    Fans may also look forward to Super Mario Wonder, a reinvention of the 2D Mario formula that builds on the New Super Mario Bros. Series and elements established in Super Mario 3D World that’s set to release in October. To top it off, the Booster Pack Wave 5 DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe brings back fan-favorite courses and characters, adding even more to the already packed Mario Kart 8 experience this Summer. Between all of these announcements, there’s a lot for Mario fans to sink their teeth into for the next year.

    The new Peach game is due to release exclusively on Nintendo Switch in 2024.

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    Mazen Haggag
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