Nintendo Direct – June 2023 Bingo


    There’s a tradition that people on the internet like to participate in when there’s a new Nintendo Direct. This tradition involves creating a custom Bingo card with predictions for the upcoming conference. Usually, these bingo cards follow a traditional 5 x 5 layout. So with the next Nintendo Direct set to begin on June 22, 2023, here is Final Weapon’s official Bingo for the Summer 2023 Direct!

    Nintendo Direct Bingo

    Final Weapon's Official Bingo for the June 2023 Direct

    A few days ago, we released a guide of our predictions for the next Direct. Most of the bingo consists of many of the previous predictions. A few games on the card are near guaranteed, such as Persona 3 Reload and Splatoon 3 Side Order. Some of these are also highly likely possibilities. These include a brand new Mario sports game or a new 3D Mario game.

    Others on the list are based on previous rumors, like a remastered port of Wind Waker, while others are games that people have wanted for years, such as a Tomodachi Life port. Finally, some games have a near-zero chance of showing up on the Nintendo Direct Bingo—namely, Mario Kart 9, a new Punch-Out game, and a localized version of Mother 3.

    Nintendo has had a very successful year thus far, with Tears of the Kingdom selling millions of copies and Metroid Prime Remastered being a very well-received port. However, the company’s fall lineup isn’t known beyond Pikmin 4. The June 2023 Nintendo Direct is the perfect opportunity for them to establish their plans for the next few months and beyond. Time will only tell how this conference lives up to the rest of Summer Game Fest.

    More Nintendo Direct Information

    Pikmin 4 trailer

    The summer 2023 Nintendo Direct is set to begin on June 22, 2023. It will start at 10 AM EDT.

    Stay tuned to Final Weapon for our coverage of all the new information from the upcoming Nintendo Direct!

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    Saras Rajpal
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