Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection – Guides

    The Etrian Odyssey trilogy just got the HD remaster treatment via the newly released Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, which is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam! Enjoy new Quality of Life features, remastered graphics, higher quality sound, and an updated mapping feature. Final Weapon’s Etrian Odyssey Origins Guides will help you keep track of Quests, and help you plan your party out much easier with an ample amount of no-nonsense information!

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    Etrian Odyssey Guides

    This is the game that started it all! Enjoy this classic DS RPG remastered! Explore a vast labyrinth, customize a personalized party, and complete plenty of quests!

    Etrian Oddysey 2 Guides

    Etrian Odyssey 2 expands on the original and gives you a new labyrinth to explore, more classes to experiment with, and more quests to complete!

    Etrian Odyssey 3 Guides

    Etrian Odyssey 3 expands upon the formula of the series by adding a vast sea to explore and new classes. Subclasses have also been added to make your party creation even more deep and fun!

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