Final Fantasy V – All Blue Magic Spells

    Blue Mage is one of the most unique Jobs in the game. Use our Final Fantasy V Blue Magic Guide to aid you in getting the necessary spells!

    Blue Magic Spells

    • The first monster listed for each spell is the earliest encounter you can acquire the spell in.
    • The location will be for the earliest encounter or the first monster listed.
    • Spells are organized in order of possible acquisition.
    • Some spells can be learned by controlling the monster with a Beastmaster.
    Spell / MP MP Monsters Location
    Goblin Punch 0
    • Black Goblin
    Wind Shrine
    Aero 4
    • Moldwynd
    Wind Shrine
    Vampire 2
    • Steel Bat
    Pirates’ Hideout
    Flash 7
    • Headstone (ether)
    North Mountain
    Moon Flute 3
    • Jackanapes
    Walse Tower
    Pond’s Chorus 5
    • Elf Toad (enemy must be alone)
    Walse Tower
    ??? 3
    • Wild Nakk
    Karnak, nearby forests
    Self-Destruct 1
    • Motor Trap (thunder magic)
    Fire-Powered Ship
    Aera 10
    • Gigas
    Karnak Castle, monster-in-a-box
    Death Claw 21
    • Iron Claw
    Karnak Castle
    Aqua Breath 38
    • Dhorme Chimera
    Desert north of Library of the Ancients
    Transfusion 13
    • Mythril Dragon (Beastmaster)
    Overworld area near Library of the Ancients
    Missile 7
    • Motor Trap(Beastmaster)
    Fire-Powered Ship
    Level 5 Death 22
    • Page 64
    Library of the Ancients
    Off-guard 19
    • Page 256(Beastmaster)
    Library of the Ancients
    Magic Hammer 3
    • Byblos
    Library of the Ancients
    Dark Spark 27
    • Black Flame
    Near Crescent (overworld)
    Flame Thrower 5
    • Prototype
    Crescent, nearby islands
    White Wind 28
    • Enchanted Fan (Beastmaster)
    Ronka Ruins
    1000 Needles 25
    • Lamian (Beastmaster)
    Ronka Ruins
    Level 4 Graviga 9
    • Ghidra
    Ronka Ruins
    Time Slip 9
    • Traveler
    Barrier Tower
    Level 3 Flare 18
    • Red Dragon (cast reflect on the monster, use Beastmaster, reflect spell towards party)
    Barrier Tower (monster-in-a-box)
    Level 2 Old 11
    • Level Tricker (cast reflect on the monster, use Beastmaster, reflect spell towards party)
    Barrier Tower
    Aeroga 24
    • Metamorph (Enchanted Fan form)
    Ghido’s Cave
    Lilliputian Lyric  
    • Mini Magician
    Great Forest of Moore
    Doom 10
    • Exdeath
    Castle Exdeath
    Roulette 1
    • Parthenope
    Phoenix Tower
    Mighty Guard 72
    • Stingray
    North of Sunken Walse Tower
    Mind Blast 6
    • Wendigo
    Island Shrine

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