Final Fantasy VI – Character Locations Guide

    Final Fantasy VI has a huge cast that gets separated by an earth-shattering plot twist. Use our Final Fantasy VI Character Locations Guide to locate them!

    Required Characters

    Celes, Edgar, and Setzer are the only characters the story forces you to get. You start of this act as Celes and then recruit Edgar and Setzer. You can actually beat the game with this party if you wish! 

    Optional Characters

    During the second act, most of your allies from the first act must be found. They are not required to complete the game, but they get additions to their arcs and fill out your party.


    Sabin is located in Tzen, which is north of Albrook and past Kefka’s Tower. Assist him in saving a child and he rejoins your party!


    Visit the town of Maranda on the southwestern continent. You’ll find a woman in a house who is receiving letters from her boyfriend in Mobliz. Follow the carrier bird to Zozo. There’s a merchant selling ’Rust Rid’. Purchase it and use it to get through a door in the pub. Cyan is waiting at the end of this new area.


    Go to Mobliz. You’ll discover Terra taking care of orphans. Check stuff out and leave. You’ll have to defeat a monster called Humbaba. Return and speak to Terra (you must have the airship) and she’ll join your party.


    Relm is located in Jidoor or the cave where you find Shadow in the Veldt (she will go to Jidoor if you find her here). Defeat the boss in Owzer’s Mansion to recruit Relm.


    You first need to get Relm and then head to the Cultists’ Tower. Speak to Strago with Relm in the party to recruit Strago.


    There is one prerequisite for getting Shadow in this second act; you must make sure he survives the Floating Continent incident that caps off the first act of the game. It’s easy to do but you GOTTA REMEMBER TO DO IT. I actually messed this up when I first played the game. What you need to do is wait for Shadow. He shows up with 5 seconds remaining. Go to the end of the Floating Continent, wait for him, and bail.

    Now, onto what you need to do in the World of Ruin. There is a cave on the Veldt continent. This cave has a wounded Shadow in it. There is a fight against a King Behemoth and then your party takes Shadow to a place for his recovery. Get the Ichigeki blade located within the cave. Next, you wager the Ichigeki at Dragon’s Neck Coliseum. Shadow appears and will join your party once again if you beat him.


    Gau will appear in random battles at the Veldt continent, which you can access when getting Setzer and his airship through natural story progression. Keep an open slot in your party for him to rejoin or he’ll run away.


    Mog’ll be in the Moogle’s Den in the Narshe Caves. Narshe’s location changes in the second act to a northern continent.


    Locke requires completing the Phoenix Cave dungeon to get him back. The area is located on the southern continent.

    Extra Characters

    These are some more side characters that don’t have the same story precedence as the rest of the cast.


    Go to the triangular island north of the Veldt. Explore until you encounter a Zone Eater. Let it suck up your entire party and you’ll meet Gogo inside of the beast.


    You must have Mog in your party. Return to the snowfields around Narshe, defeat Valigarmanda, acquire the Midgardsormr magicite, and then Umaro will jump you. Mog will stop him and have him join your party.

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