Final Fantasy IV – Summon Locations Guide

    Final Fantasy IV has a ton of summons. Story-related, hidden, and extra ones! Use our Final Fantasy IV Summon Locations guide to get them all! 

    Default Summons

    Child Rydia:

    • Chocobo

    Adult Rydia:

    • Ifrit
    • Shiva
    • Ramuh
    • Titan
    • Dragon

    Monster Drops

    These Summons drop from specified monsters. These are rare drops, so prepare for some intense farming if you have bad luck. Sadly, an achievement is tied to getting all of these.

    • Goblin
    • Bomb
    • Cockatrice
    • Mind Flayer


    Odin can be found in the basement of Baron Castle after —

    There is a book that actually hints at Odin’s weakness in the game. He was once defeated by lightning striking his sword, so that’s your cue to lob Thunder magic his way. Using Haste and casting Berserk on Cecil and Kain will lead you to victory quickly, which you want to do before Odin can ready Zantetsuken.


    On the west side of the underworld is a cave called, well, the Sylph’s Cave. Reaching the end of this dungeon will lead you to a house with the Sylphs in it. You can find an injured Yang, which is important in getting the best throwing weapon in the game also. Visit Yang’s wife in Fabul to get her frying pan, which you then use to wake up Yang. The Sylphs will join you after this.


    Ashura can be found in the Feymarch, which is located in a cave in the Underworld.

    Asura only counterattacks, so be sure to relent if you’re getting wrecked. Casting Reflect on her will send her heals and buffs your way instead. So, keep damaging her while making sure you prevent her from healing.


    Leviathan can be found in the Feymarch, which is located in a cave in the Underworld. Ashura must be defeated first in order to battle Leviathan and gain his strength.

    Leviathan is weak to Thunder spells and the Ramuh summon. When his mouth is open he attacks with Tidal Wave, his strongest attack. He uses Blizzaga when his mouth is closed. Edge’s Blitz Ninjutsu is handy as well. Besides that, Bio is useful for dealing continual damage and Slow is always a handy status in this game.


    Bahamut is the father of all eidolons and is located on the Moon. The Moon doesn’t have many locations. Bahamut resides in the Lair of the Father.

    Casting Reflect on your party will negate Bahamut’s Megaflare attack. Do this and keep your damage up while healing. This fight is easier if you attempt it when you have FuSoYa in your party.

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