Final Fantasy III – Eureka Guide: Ultimate Jobs and Weapons

    Eureka the Forbidden Land is an extra dungeon that houses the best gear and Jobs in the game. Use our Final Fantasy III Eureka Guide to help you out!

    How to Access Eureka

    Doga and Unne give you the Eureka Key, which can then be used in the basement of the Crystal Tower to unlock this optional dungeon.


    The Ninja and Sage Jobs can be acquired in Eureka by defeating the boss, Scylla. They are debatably the best physical and magical Jobs. The only downside is that you’ll need to grind out some job levels in order to make them as viable as some of your other jobs may be.


    Some of the best weapons and gear in the game can be found here. Most of which are acquired after defeating a boss. These specific weapons are on altars that are peppered throughout the dungeon.

    • Ribbon (defeat Ninja boss)
    • Moonring Blade (defeat Amon boss)
    • Masamune (defeat Kunoichi boss)
    • Excalibur (defeat General boss)
    • Ragnarok (defeat Guardian boss)
    • Elder Staff (defeat Scylla boss)
    • Omnirod (chest)
    • Fuma Garb (chest)
    • Shuriken(s) (chests)


    Magic Shop:

    • Flare – 60000 gil
    • Death – 60000 gil
    • Meteor – 60000 gil
    • Tornado – 60000 gil
    • Arise – 60000 gil
    • Holy – 60000 gil

    Summons Shop:

    You can get these Summons through boss fights or by purchasing them here.

    • Catastro – 45000 gil
    • Leviath – 55000 gil
    • Bahamur – 65000 gil

    Secret Shop:

    This shop is located through a secret passage to the right of the other shops.

    • Shuriken – 65000 gil
    • Crystal Shield – 60000 gil
    • Crystal Mail – 65000 gil
    • Crystal Gloves – 50000 gil
    • Crystal Helm – 50000 gil

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