Final Fantasy V – 12 Sealed Weapons Guide

    Final Fantasy V has some optional weapons to nab, however, there’s a catch! Use our Final Fantasy V Sealed Weapons Guide to get them!


    You must gather all 4 stone tablets to get every Legendary Weapon. Each tablet can be used to unseal 3 weapons. You can pick and choose what you like! Even skip tablets and weapons if you so desire!

    Tablet Locations:

    • Pyramid of Moore
    • Island Shrine
    • Great Sea Trench
    • Istory Falls

    Weapons List

    These are the Sealed Weapons. Choose them in an order that accommodates your favorite jobs!

    Weapon Stats Info
    Assassin’s Dagger
    • Attack: 81
    • Speed +1
    25% chance to inflict Death
    Apollo’s Harp
    • Attack: 45 (attack is a spell with power of 75)
    8x undead and dragon damage
    • Attack: 110
    • Strength +5
    Holy elemental
    Fire Lash
    • Attack: 82
    • Hit: 90
    • Strength +2
    • Speed +2
    33% chance of casting Firaga when attacking
    Gaia’s Bell
    • Attack: 35
    • Hit: 99
    • Increases Earth-element damage
    • 25% chance of casting Quake upon attacking
    Holy Lance
    • Attack: 109
    • Strength +3
    Holy elemental
    Magus Rod
    • Attack: 40
    Increases all element damage (except for water and holy)
    • Attack: 107
    • Item Effect: Haste
    • First turn in battle
    • 15% Critical Rate
    Rune Axe
    • Attack: 71
    • Hit: 90
    Consumes MP for guaranteed critical hits
    Sage Staff
    • Attack: 45
    • Item Effect: Raise
    • 8x undead damage 
    • Holy-element boost
    Sasuke’s Katana
    • Attack: 99
    • Speed +1
    25% Physical Attack block chance
    Yoichi’s Bow
    • Attack: 101
    • Hit: 90
    • Strength +3
    • Speed + 3
    30% Critical Hit chance

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