Ys X: Nordics Introduces Dogi, Mana Actions, and New Characters

    Adol and Carja's Mana abilities detailed.

    The latest issue of Famitsu includes brand-new details about Nihon Falcom’s Ys X: Nordics including Adol’s companion Dogi, Mana Actions, new characters, and much more. The upcoming Ys entry takes place after the events of Ys II and before Ys: Memories of Celceta

    The Trusty Companion, Dogi

    Dogi the Wall Crusher, voiced by Kenta Miyake, is revealed to be 23 years old during the events of Ys X: Nordics. He’s a kind-hearted thief that Adol befriended in Esteria. Dogi is adept in hand-to-hand combat, and it’s believed that he may shatter rock walls with his fists alone. He decided to turn over a new leaf after adventuring with Adol in the Ancient Kingdom of Ys. Ever since then, Dogi has been Adol’s trusty companion and even became a playable character in Ys Seven. Fans will learn the exact reason why Dogi decided to go with Adol in Ys X: Nordics according to Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo. Additionally, the game will reveal what makes the pair of adventurers so cohesive. 

    Dogi, Rosalind, Glen, and Cruz
    Dogi, Rosalind, Glen, and Cruz (left to right)
    New Characters

    Ys X: Nordics will feature new characters such as Rosalind, Glen, and Cruz. First, Rosalind is a 16 year old girl that is interested in Adol. She may be seen as a sister-like figure to Glen and Cruz, who are also natives of Karnak. Glen is a hot-blooded 18 year old boy that acts as a watchguard of Karnak. Although Glen has a short temper, he’s considered to be trustworthy amongst his friends. Alongside Glen, Cruz is another 18 year old boy that resides in Karnak. Cruz is the successor to the Carpenter Trading Company, which operates in Odelia Bay. He’s a smart boy that loves to study and learn. 

    Mana Actions

    Adol and Carja may take advantage of three Mana Actions: Mana String, Mana Ride, and Mana Burst. Players may use Mana String like a rope to travel to faraway areas. Mana String may be strengthened to pull objects and activate switches. Mana Ride allows the player to control Adol or Carja on a gliding board over land and water. The player may move through the air by using Mana Ride on a Wind Path, and this ability may be strengthened as well. Mana Burst allows Adol and Carja to unleash fire and ice elemental attacks respectively. Moreover, Mana Burst is useful for clearing obstacles and making new paths. 

    Lastly, Ys X: Nordics launches in 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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