The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure Guide – Zemurian Ore and Shard Locations

    Craft the most powerful weapons in the game.

    Zemurian ore is highly coveted in the world of Trails as an important component for the most powerful weapons. This sentiment is shared in The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure, which features its own set of weapons that may be crafted from Zemurian Ore. 

    In The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure, Zemurian ore and shards may be collected in Crossbell during the Finale chapter. At a certain point in the Finale, players may freely venture to any part of Crossbell to catch up with old friends. Coincidentally, players may stumble across Zemurian ore and shards in the process of tying up any loose ends in the Finale. 

    Note: Players may carry over Zemurian ore weapons into New Game Plus by unlocking the relevant upgrade in the Extra mode menu. Additionally, players may earn Zemurian ore from the very same sources in New Game Plus.

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure Zemurian Ore and Shard Locations (Story Spoilers Ahead)

    • Collect all 14 Sunshine Agnès books and give them to the fortune-teller at Mishelam
    • In Armorica Village, speak to Kevin Graham in the Ash Tree Inn with Wazy present in the party.
    • In Mainz Mining Village, speak to Joshua Bright at the Der Ziegel Inn.
    • In Mishelam Wonderland, examine a shining spot at the top of the Castle of Mirrors, in front of the mirror.
    • In the West Crossbell Highway railroad, examine a shining spot on the site of the battle between Pater-Mater and Aion Type-γ.
    • On Orchis Tower’s roof, examine a shining spot at the center.

    After obtaining the Zemurian ore and shards, head to Guillaume Factory in the Downtown District for an event. Guillaume will be able to craft two new weapons utilizing the ore and shards. Further, players will be able to earn even more Zemurian ore after finishing The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure

    Post-Game Zemurian Ore

    If players load their The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure clear data, five new secret areas will be available in the Finale. Each secret area has a new boss battle that awards a Zemurian shard. Once all five are collected, players may craft another high-end weapon at Guillaume Factory. 

    • The Deserted Mine: Lucifuge ×5
    • The Ursula Road sandbar: Grendel ×5
    • The Geofront C Sector: Inferno Domina ×5
    • The Geofront D Sector: Fallen Delacroix ×6
    • The Wetlands: Great Satan ×6

    Once all five bosses are defeated, the Scarlet Wetlands will be unlocked as a new landing spot for the Merkabah. Players may earn the One in a Vermillion achievement and extra rewards by conquering the challenges in the Scarlet Wetlands. 

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

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