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    Become Crossbell's culinary master.

    Players may cook a variety of meals in The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure by acquiring various recipes. These meals allow the Special Support Section to recover health, receive buffs, and even inflict damage on enemies. Lloyd Bannings keeps track of all his recipes in a dedicated book alongside his detective handbook. Tracking down all the possible recipes across Crossbell may take a considerable amount of time. Fortunately, we’ve got all the recipe locations from The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure in this guide.

    Receiving the Cookbook

    The first recipe, Dragon Fried Rice, is available immediately after Lloyd visits the Long Lao Tavern & Inn in Chapter 1. Subsequent recipes may be obtained by talking to NPCS or interacting with cookbooks and boards scattered throughout Crossbell. Some of these recipe locations will not be available until certain progress is made in The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure, however. Additionally, a few recipes have very specific requirements. 

    Earning Rewards

    Supreme and peculiar meals may be turned in at the Jizo statue on East Street and by speaking to Juan at Crossbell Police Academy respectively. Turning in all supreme and peculiar meals nets some valuable rewards for the SSS. These rewards may come in handy during the game’s final chapter.

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure Recipes

    • Bellyful Hotpot – examine a book in a room on the third floor of the Hotel Millennium in the Entertainment District 
    • Mixed Gelato – examine a book on the second floor of Tally’s General Store, West Street
    • Rich Cappuccino – examine the book at Garante Jazz Bar in the Back Alley
    • Fried Fish – examine with the poster at Der Ziegel Inn in Mainz Mining Village 
    • Light Burger – examine a book on the second floor of Maison Imelda, Downtown District before Chapter 4
    • Tide of Plenty Hotpot – examine a book on the third floor of Tangram Gate (Chapter 2 and onward)
    • Braised Stew – examine a book in a room on the second floor of Le Lectier Inn, St. Ursula Medical College (Chapter 2 and onward)
    • Fresh Sandwich – examine a book inside the gravekeeper’s shack at the cemetery, Crossbell Cathedral
    • Chef’s Special Omelette Rice – examine the board next to the counter at Ash Tree Inn’s 1st floor in Armorica Village (Chapter 2 and onwards)
    • Milk Potage – examine a book in the second floor barracks at Bellguard Gate (Chapter 2 and onward)
    • Bellberry Juice – examine the poster behind the information desk in Time Department Store (accessible by visiting the Back Alley in Chapter 2 and beyond)
    • Smooth Almond Jelly – examine a book inside the boathouse on Crossbell East Highway
    • Rainbow Cotton Candy – examine the book at Mishelam’s rest area
    • Select Matcha Latte – examine a book on the second floor lobby of Hotel Delphinia in Mishelam
    • Light Popcorn – examine the book (One Minute Cooking: Sweets Edition) in a small bookshelf at the Crossbell City Library in the Administrative District during Chapter 3 or later
    • Peddler’s Noodles – speak with Ozelle in the Harbor District during A Taste of Crossbell in Chapter 3
    • Herb Pasta – examine the board in Vingt-Sept Cafe’s kitchen in Central Square during Chapter 3 or later
    • Sweet Chocolate – examine the book on the second floor of the Crossbell Civic Center’s left wing in the Administrative District (Chapter 4)
    • Stamina Steak – examine the book inside the destroyed warehouse in the Downtown District (Chapter 4 and onward)
    • Piping-Hot Cheese Pizza – examine the pizza box in Geofront C Sector’s terminal room after completing support requests on day 2 of Chapter 4
    • Pinky Rose – examine a book in the train loading area of Bellguard Gate during the Finale
    • Picnic Lunchbox – obtain the Sunshine Agnes – Ch. 14 book from Neinvalli Exchange in the Downtown District and examine the book in the basement
      • This book may be obtained by trading in 3 Kagemaru Hood, 3 Kagemaru Sandals, and 3 Kagemaru Haori
        • Kagemaru Hood may be purchased at the Casino
        • Kagemaru Sandals and Kagemaru Hoari may be purchased at Times Department Store
    • Medicinal Mapo Tofu – speak to Zhang Hui at Long Lao Tavern & Inn after obtaining all other recipes

    Lastly, The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

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