Atelier Ryza 3: How to Unlock Creaminea Recipe

    Ingots are an integral part of upgrading your gear. Unlike the other Ryza games, you must unlock some of them in different ways. Use our Atelier Ryza 3 Creaminea Recipe Guide to learn how to get this important upgrade item!

    What Creaminea is For?

    Creaminea is a very useful Ingot. It is used in many recipes. The main recipes it is used in is the 3rd level weapons for everyone in the party and some armor. Of course, Creaminea can also be used in many other recipes in various ways.

    How to Unlock the Recipe

    You Unlock the Creaminea Recipe via the Skill Tree for 1000 SP. This is a departure from prior games where you had to Recipe Morph Ingot into Startium into Creaminea. This change had me confused for a large chunk of my playthrough.

    Just fill out the Skill Tree towards the top, as many useful recipes and crafting perks are put up there. Including the ultimate ingot. 

    How to Make it?

    The two required ingredients to make Creaminea are a Degenisis Stone and Mordenite.

    Mordenite can be found throughout Cleria by breaking rocks with an axe in locations such as the Old Mining Site Ruins. Degenisis stones are found in a similar fashion in many locations in Nemed, with my favorite spot being the Dragon Tree (which also has ample amounts of Goldenite). There’s tons of materials for both Creaminea and Goldterion ingots in this area. Do a couple of runs with an axe and a hammer and you’ll have a huge stock.

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