Octopath Traveler II: What Are EX Skills?

    Octopath Traveler II has hidden skills for your main characters’ jobs. These powerful EX Skills will give you an edge in battle by giving you a variety of boons. Use our Octopath Traveler II EX Skills Guide to learn all about them!

    What Are EX Skills?

    As stated in the intro, EX Skills are strong skills that each main character can learn. These can be anything from powerful attacks to useful buffs and perks. These skills can be used to quickly turn the tables in your favor during battles, especially when used in conjunction with strategic use of the rest of your normal skills and Latent Powers.

    How to Get EX Skills

    EX Skills aren’t acquired through normal means. You can’t just use your JP to buy them like other Job skills. You must explore Solistia and find Altars. Each altar is associated with a job of the main character. Finding the altar and visiting it will bestow an EX Skill for you to use.

    Octopath Traveler II EX Skills List

    • Warrior EX Skill: Ultimate Stance – Grants an effect that allows the user to hit all foes using their basic attack. (10 SP)
    • Dancer EX Skill: Windy Refrain – Deal wind-based damage to all foes and cause your allies to act first on the next turn. (18 SP)
    • Thief EX Skill:  Veil of Darkness– Deal dark-based damage to all foes, and dodge 1 physical attack with a 100%. (25 SP)
    • Scholar EX Skill: Teach – Grants a single ally your attribute-raising effects for 2 turns. (12 SP)
    • Cleric EX Skill: Prayer for Plenty – Restore HP to a single ally, ignoring their max HP. (20 SP)
    • Merchant EX Skill: Negotiate Schedule– Allows the user to pay money to a single enemy to let the user act first. (0 SP)
    • Hunter EX Skill: Indomitable Beast – Raise your physical attack, evasion, and speed for 3 turns. (18 SP)
    • Apothecary EX Skill: Drastic Measures – Deals damage to a single foe with an axe and nullifies their active ailments and debuffs. Power increases with the number of status effects nullified. (18 SP)

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