Sonic Frontiers Sequel Reportedly in Development

    Retaining the signature gameplay style of Frontiers.

    According to reputable SEGA and ATLUS insider Midori (@MbKKssTBhz5), a sequel to Sonic Frontiers is currently in development at SEGA. The game’s exact title is currently unknown, but it will carry over the gameplay style of Sonic Frontiers.

    Midori has an extensive track record covering accurate pre-release information, including DLC for both Persona 5 Tactica and Persona 3 Reload. She also discussed that Persona 6 will feature a green color theme and come to Nintendo Switch 2 and Xbox platforms at a launch. In addition, she touched on the status of Persona 1 and 2 remakes and the upcoming Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi reboots.

    Sonic Frontiers Sequel in the Works

    According to Midori, a sequel to Sonic Frontiers in gameplay style is in development at SEGA. The game’s official title is not official, so rumors will likely refer to the title as “Sonic Frontiers 2.” Midori notes that the game’s title might change before it is officially announced, just as Sonic Frontiers was once referred to as “Rangers” before release.

    This past March, Midori revealed that SEGA is considering a remake of Sonic Heroes in Unreal Engine 5. However, Midori states that SEGA is not developing any Sonic Adventure remakes at the moment. Midori also notes that SEGA wants most of their franchises to transition into Unreal Engine 5 so that developers gain experience with different engines. 

    Through May 5, SEGA and IHOP are teaming up to offer a new Sonic the Hedgehog menu at participating restaurants. An exclusive Sonic Superstars DLC outfit for Amy up for grabs during this limited-time promotion. In addition, limited-edition Sonic the Hedgehog gift cards are available. 

    In other Sonic news, Keanu Reeves has been cast as Shadow in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The upcoming movie is set to be released on December 20, 2024 in theaters around the world.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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