Sonic Heroes Remake Reportedly Being Considered at SEGA

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    A Sonic Heroes remake is reportedly being considered at SEGA, according to reputable SEGA and ATLUS insider Midori (@MbKKssTBhz5). 

    In recent weeks, Midori corroborated Persona 3 Reload datamines that suggested The Answer will be DLC. All of the Persona 3 Reload rumors turned out to be true, including the Expansion Pass and Episode Aigis -The Answer-. Additionally, the insider also claimed that Virtua Fighter reboot is currently in development at SEGA, with key Virtua Fighter staff being involved. As many have guessed, the reboot is part of SEGA’s Super Game initiative, which includes Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio reboots and remakes. 

    Sonic Heroes Reportedly Getting a Remake

    According to Midori, SEGA is considering a remake of Sonic Heroes in Unreal Engine 5. However, Midori states that SEGA is not developing any Sonic Adventure remakes at the moment. Midori also notes that SEGA wants most of their franchises to transition into Unreal Engine 5 so that developers gain experience with different engines. 

    *Update* In a separate tweet, Midori clarifies that the remake is being considered, but a release for 2026 or 2027 is not definitively planned by SEGA:

    Upcoming SEGA IP remakes such as Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio will use Unreal Engine 5. However, SEGA engines such as Dragon Engine and Hedgehog Engine 2 will still be used in future games. It’s unknown what other games in the SEGA ecosystem could be running on Unreal Engine 5, but it will likely include more remakes and reboots in the future.

    Sonic Heroes is a 2003 platform game for PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and later on PC. The game is notable for introducing a team-based gameplay mechanic, a departure from the series’ usual focus on individual characters. Players control a team of three characters from a selection of four teams. Each team has a unique storyline and set of abilities divided into different types. The game’s story progresses through the completion of different levels across different teams, ultimately culminating in a final battle against the main antagonist.

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