Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 Review – A Saiyan Showdown

    An alien reunion!

    The battle between Gohan and Goku officially begins in Dragon Ball Super chapter 103. Much of Gohan’s training and performance at the Tournament of Power (ToP) has led to this day. I remember Gohan telling Goku before the ToP that he wanted to take a different path than the other Saiyans. He wanted to achieve a new form that no others had achieved before. Today, we finally see the fruits of Gohan’s labor against his father, and I’m absolutely ready to discuss it.

    Despite this chapter’s fantastic display of battles, it paints an unsure path for the future. Let’s go over Gohan’s training against the other Saiyans, Red Ribbon Army’s escape, and the closing family reunion.

    What Happened in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103?

    Gohan wastes no time at the beginning of this chapter and starts brawling with Goku. I love how this is a subtle way of showing Gohan’s confidence when fighting against his father. You can tell that Gohan has no fear whatsoever, even amongst Beerus, Whis, and the rest of the Saiyans on Beerus’s Planet. Even when Goku starts not to hold back against Gohan as the fight progresses, Gohan continues to do the same. It shocked everyone watching, even Whis, who said that Gohan has achieved a form that is neither super saiyan nor a divine technique. This is a swift and explosive entrance for Gohan, and I’m so excited for him!

    Gohan finally lands a punch on Goku, greatly impressing his father. He even went far as to say that Goku is curious to see how Gohan fares against the rest of the crew, so he sends Broly out to fight. This particular fight is interesting because Broly grows stronger with each blow. For a while, Broly had issues controlling himself during his transformations. It’s one of the core reasons Goku and Vegeta took him under their wing. They want to train with him every day to get him closer to having self-control during fights. However, he seems to have shown quick growth after fighting Gohan. Both Broly and Gohan are in a similar situation, as they both have hidden potential. I’m curious how their relationship will play out throughout Dragon Ball Super.

    Goku and Gohan fighting in Dragon Ball Super chapter 103
    Ultra Instinct Goku vs Beast Gohan.

    Hilariously, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten also want to fight against Gohan. Eventually, they all start fighting against each other. It’s so cool that Gohan is at the point where people want to spar against him to grow stronger. Vegeta’s reaction to Gohan’s strength is what struck me the most. Vegeta was one of the few characters who previously talked about how disappointing Gohan was. To see him actually show interest in Gohan’s newfound strength speaks volumes. 

    Finally, the gang returns to Earth after eating a huge meal. They all meet up with Piccolo, and of course, we have our first assignment: Pick up Pan from school. The part that comes afterward is so beautiful because we get to see Pan bonding with Goku for the first time in Dragon Ball Super. There’s no dialogue at all, just panels showing facial expressions and gestures from the cast. It’s a great way to end the chapter, especially considering this is probably the last chapter Akira Toriyama oversaw. Also, is it just me, or does Piccolo have a thing for Pan’s teacher? A little something to think about for all the Piccolo fans out there.

    So, Who Could the Villain Be?

    In the previous chapter, I talked about how Carmine could be spying on the fight on Beerus’s Planet for ulterior motives. I thought that the information he collected from his sights would make him go back into the Red Ribbon Army lab and create a new, more robust android. Unfortunately, his viewing gave him the opposite effect. After watching all of the Saiyans fight on that planet, Carmine ultimately gave up on world domination. He felt that it was useless trying to fight against the fighters and would instead put more of a focus on research and development in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

    Having said that, it’s unclear who the villain of the next arc will be. This chapter concludes the Super Hero arc, so I wonder if we will get a sneak peek of who the villain might be in the next arc. While the future is vague, at least we know that Goku and Vegeta have brand-new allies that are ready for whatever threat is coming.

    The Next Chapter

    Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 is finished, but there is no news of when Chapter 104 will be released. The Dragon Ball Super manga will be going on a break after this chapter, most likely due to the sudden passing of Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama.

    Catch it with VIZ Media and Manga Plus on May 20 at 11:00 a.m. EDT / May 21 at 12:00 a.m. JST. Don’t miss out!

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