Akira Toriyama, Creator of Dragon Ball, Has Passed Away at 68

    May he forever rest in peace

    Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball, Sand Land, and many more manga, has passed away. This news comes from Dragon Ball‘s official Japanese X/Twitter account.

    Akira Toriyama was a man many in the anime and manga community loved. In particular, the Dragon Ball franchise has been going strong for nearly 40 years, producing new content and games. For fans of his work, his passing will surely be hurtful.

    Akira Toriyama Passed Away at 68

    Bird Studio's report stating that Akira Toriyama passed away

    The Japanese X/Twitter account for the Dragon Ball franchise announced Akira Toriyama’s passing earlier today. It was revealed that he passed away on March 1 from acute subdural hematoma. The mangaka was still working on several projects, including Dragon Ball Daima. Akira Toriyama’s studio wants fans to know that the overwhelming support he has achieved for 45 years has allowed him to continue creating content enthusiastically. They hope that people around the world will continue to love his stories for many years to come.

    His funeral service has already been held with his family and very few relatives. Akira Toriyama wished for tranquility, so the family and studio informed fans that they would not accept flowers, gifts, or visits. The family will also not be allowing interviews. Keeping the family at peace during this time is a priority.

    Plans for a gathering commemorating Toriyama’s life have not been decided, but the studio will let fans know when it’s confirmed. Until then, stay tuned for any news regarding Akira Toriyama updates here at Final Weapon.

    Many have mourned the loss of Akira Toriyama, including Toyotarou, the illustrator and writer for Dragon Ball Super. He states that, “I drew manga because I wanted to be praised by Toriyama-sensei. it was everything to me”.

    Akira Toriyama is a renowned Japanese manga artist and character designer best known for creating the iconic Dragon Ball series, which has become one of the most successful and beloved manga and anime franchises globally. His distinctive art style, characterized by vibrant characters and imaginative worlds, has significantly influenced the manga and anime industries. His career began in 1978 when his work Wonder Island was published in Weekly Shonen Jump. This led to his breakthrough success with Dr. Slump in 1980. This comedic manga series set the stage for his tremendous success with Dragon Ball in 1984. The series, spanning manga, anime, movies, and games, has captivated millions of fans worldwide and profoundly impacted popular culture.

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