Dragon Quest Builders – Chapter 4 Challenges Guide

    Challenges? Pshhh, nothing a Builder can't handle, right?

    Dragon Quest Builders is a fantastic fusion of crafting games and traditional JRPGs. There is a ton of content to tackle in this 40+ hour game, including many trials and tribulations that the player must face. One of the extra things players can do in order to gain some rewards and a sense of gratification is the Chapter Challenges. What are these and how do you do them? Read our Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 4 Challenges Guide to help you attain the status of ‘Legendary Builder’!

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    What are Chapter Challenges?

    Dragon Quest Builders Chapter Challenges

    First off, you can’t really view these challenges until after you beat a chapter. Doesn’t stop you from completing them beforehand, though! Many of these challenges involve doing things you would normally do, such as gathering items and improving your base. However, there are some extra things like completing quests given to you and some hidden side content. What these challenges do is that upon completion, they allow you to build more things in Terra Incognita by unlocking new recipes for you. This makes that extra mode much more fulfilling to play with a bevy of new options. Not to mention that completing these challenges is just downright satisfying!

    Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 4 Challenges

    Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 4 Map
    Credit: u/Sparky81

    Use the above map to aid you in accomplishing these objectives and more!


      • Collect 200 different types of items.
      • Build your base to level 4.
      • Defeat the Dragonlord without wearing the legendary armour.
      • Show a verdant vision to a certain someone.
      • Find the sword of ruin.

    Defeating the Dragonlord without wearing the Legendary Armour:

      • The Auroral Armour and Hero’s Shield can not be in your equipment bag during the second phase of the boss fight. You can have them equipped during the first phase, just be sure to store them away before beating the first form of the boss. Although, you could play it safe and not equip or carry them at all.

    Show a Verdant Vision to a certain someone:

      • Land of Ash and Despair – A slime is on top of a big rock slime, south of the temporary camp. He wants a milkblossom (obtained with a shovel after purifying bones).
      • Tantegel Moor – A she-slime is waiting in the northwest area near the castle. Give her a daffodaisy (obtained with a shovel after planting a bud that she-slimes drop).
      • Patchwork Island – A metal slime is northwest of the red teleportal. It wants a coralily(obtained with a shovel after planting a bud that drackies drop).
      • The Dragonlord’s Island – A king slime is located in the southmost area on top of a king slime-esque rock. He wants to see a verdant vision. To obtain the vision, the builder must combine the other slimes’ visions and the flowers on a diviner’s altar. Give him the newly crafted verdant vision.

    Sword of Ruin:

      • In the southeastern area of the Land of Ash and Despair (opposite end of the chapter’s starting location). The sword of ruin is on the lowest level of the maze, among lots of other equipment along the way. Beware of powerful monsters, as you need the keys they drop to advance. Be prepared!


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