FIFINE AmpliGame H9 Headset Review – A “Fine” Option

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    The gaming headset. A staple of every tried and true gamer’s gear set. Every gamer worth their salt needs a decent headset to fully enjoy multiplayer action, immerse themselves in unique worlds, or act as an invaluable tool in a competitive match. FIFINE’s AmpliGame H9 Headset offers multi-console and PC support along with a bevy of other useful options. How does it fare? Does it compare? Check out FIFINE AmpliGame H9 Headset Review!

    Diving Into the Soundscape

    Fifine AmpliGame H9 Headset
    What’s in the box? The headset, detachable mic, USB Control Box, and manual.

    Of course, the most important thing for me when it comes to a headset is the SOUND QUALITY. So, how is it? Well, color me surprised; it’s actually pretty good for this price range. I’ve bought more expensive headphones in the past that sound similar or even worse. Good job on the quality! Very satisfactory for a sub-$50 headset. The mic is pretty standard. Absolutely nothing special. It’s completely functional, though! To be fair to this headset, even the mic on my over $100 Sennheisers isn’t spectacular. You really just have to buy a separate mic to get top-notch quality in that field. 

    I will share some caveats and other observations I made about the sound quality. The headset, standalone, uses a 3.5mm jack (obviously). You can then plug the 3.5mm jack into the included ‘USB Control Box’. The USB audio is much louder than the jack. Not to mention that if you turn on the 7.1 Surround Sound (using a comically large button), the audio quality PLUMMETS to achieve “Surround Sound”. I’m not sure if it’s a good tradeoff, but it’s there for those who value a deeper sound profile over raw quality. I could see those who are more into competitive gaming using this sound profile over the standard stereo one. 

    Realm of the Physical

    While sound is the most important aspect of headphones to me, having good build quality is like the cherry on top of the sundae. Soooooo… How is it? It’s not great… The headset feels kind of flimsy and is made of very light plastic. I used to have a ~$60 Corsair headset that was a very sturdy plastic/metal combo. It felt nice (almost premium) for only around $20 more. There’s not even a dust cover or anything to cover the detachable mic port for when it’s off. I can’t lend any credence to this, but some Amazon reviews did mention that the headset died or degraded in quality after a couple of months. I don’t necessarily buy this, as I know people don’t always take care of stuff, but if that ever happens, I’ll update this review right after this sentence, IN BOLD, in the future!

    Remember how I said the sound quality was shockingly… quality? Sadly, I don’t think the headphones themselves clamp your head well enough or have good enough pads to create a good seal for proper sound isolation. I can still clearly hear things outside of my headphones. It’s not the end of the world, but it could be an issue for those who live with others or share a room.

    Fifine AmpliGame H9 Headset - Control Box
    USB Control Box and its features.

    Lastly, I wanna praise what comes in the box. It’s simple and has some good features. You get that USB Control Box that has your stereo/surround sound switch button and buttons to fine-tune your volume and mic loudness. The control you’re given is nice. Plus, who doesn’t want extra cable-age? There’s even a clip on the ‘Control Box’. You know, so you can clip it onto your anime gamer shirt for easy access. 

    Concluding Remarks

    I consider these headphones to be a pretty decent budget option. You get a great suite of features with good enough quality. I can recommend these to somebody who doesn’t want to break the bank. In all honesty, while these obviously can’t compete with the premium options on the market, most people are not going to care about or notice most of the quality miffs. More money will get you a better headset or even audio setup, but that’s simply not something everybody needs or wants. The FIFINE AmpliGame H9 Headset is a perfectly suitable budget option.

    You can buy the headset here. For more, check out our other Hardware Reviews!

    Disclaimer: FIFINE provided Final Weapon with an AmpliGame H9 Headset for review purposes.

    Payne Grist
    Payne Grist
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