NieR Series Producer Yosuke Saito Teases Early 2024 Surprise

    More to come in the future.

    In Famitsu’s recent end-of-year creator interviews, Yosuke Saito, the producer of the NieR series, teased a surprise for early 2024. He will likely reveal more details about his next project in the coming weeks and months.

    NieR: Automata is one of the most beloved video games in the last ten years. The initial action RPG released in 2017. It has received numerous ports, an anime adaptation, and hundreds of merchandise. The second cours of the anime will premiere sometime in the next few months. Additionally, the game’s main character, 2B, will be making an appearance in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising in February 2024.

    Yosuke Saito Teases New 2024 ‘Surprise’

    2B from NieR Automata

    In a recent 4Gamer interview, NieR series producer Yosuke Saito teased his future plans for 2024. Specifically, in a statement translated by Gematsu, he says “I’m working hard! Will I finally be able to announce something new? Or will I not? Please wait just a little longer.”

    Further, when asked to describe 2024 in one world by Famitsu, he simply says “Surprise” as the main keyword. He’s “preparing various things to be able to carry out the ‘surprise’ mentioned in the keyword in early 2024.” It is currently unknown what his next project will be, but more details will likely be revealed soon.

    “I’m preparing various things to be able to carry out the ‘surprise’ mentioned in the keyword in early 2024. Also, if I don’t do something about my inability to say no whenever I’m asked anything, I may soon die, so I should probably start paying a little more attention to my health…”

    Currently, all 12 episodes of NieR: Automata Ver1.1a are available now to stream on Crunchyroll, making up the first cour. The second cour will likely include another 12 episodes for a total of 24 episodes of the NieR: Automata anime adaptation. Moreover, fans can expect the second cour to arrive on Crunchyroll as the anime airs in Japan.

    Crunchyroll describes the series as follows:

    The distant future, 5012.

    The sudden aerial invasion of Earth by <Aliens> and their creations <Machine Lifeforms> led mankind to the brink of extinction. The surviving number of humans who took refuge on the moon to organize a counterattack using <android> soldiers to recapture Earth. However, the war reaches a stalemate as the <Machine Lifeforms> continue to multiply infinitely. In turn, humanity deploys a new unit of android soldiers as an ultimate weapon: YoRHa.

    Newly dispatched to Earth 2B joins 9S, the analyst currently stationed there, where amid their mission, they encounter a myriad of mysterious phenomena…

    This is the story of these lifeless <androids> and their endless fight for the sake of mankind.

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