ANONYMOUS;CODE Endings Guide – The True Ending

    Here's how to reach the true ending.

    ANONYMOUS;CODE may not have branching routes like previous Science Adventure visual novels, but there’s still multiple endings to reach. Pollon will need extra help in order to use the Hacking Trigger during the most crucial chapter of the game. 

    Before reading further, I highly recommend playing through ANONYMOUS;CODE at a steady pace and naturally reach bad endings as they come. The visual novel provides several clues about how to progress each hack through character dialogue. Some of the clues are extremely subtle or hard to point out near the end of the game, but this guide will provide the path forward toward the normal and true endings of ANONYMOUS;CODE

    Note: This guide will contain slight story spoilers and screenshots for ANONYMOUS;CODE Chapter 10. 

    The Normal and True Endings of ANONYMOUS;CODE

    After Chapter 10 and read the events to the end to reach the Conclusion 18, the final bad ending of ANONYMOUS;CODE. The game will warn the player that Pollon has an ability only he can use, despite his Hacking Trigger being deactivated.

    Chapter 10 begins
    Chapter 10 begins

    After reaching this ending, reload the autosave titled Chapter 10 “The end was near” and create a manual save when Pollon says “It’s like someone’s warning me… I have a bad feeling about this.”

    The Hacking Trigger in ANONYMOUS;CODE
    Pollon uses the Hacking Trigger

    Once Pollon sees the yellow line fade away from the Tokyo and London buildings, he will force a Load from the manual save in order to reach the route toward the Normal Ending.

    Pollon thanks the player for saving.
    Pollon thanks the player for saving.

    Stop once Pollon tells the player (Anon) to manually save the game. The save must overwrite the previous manual save that helped Pollon load again after the bad ending. After saving, let the 10-second countdown roll to reach the Normal Ending and first credits roll. 

    Pollon tells the player to save in ANONYMOUS;CODE.
    Pollon tells the player to save.

    After witnessing the Normal Ending, load the autosave file for Chapter 10 titled “…” and use the Hacking Trigger during the final 10-second countdown. This will bring Pollon into Chapter 11. Play this chapter through to the end of the countdown and manually save the game once the screen goes black. Then, create Momo’s Galaxy Symbol in Life Game from the pause menu screen.  The Life Game’s help section shows how to create this particular symbol. Once the symbol is created, the Grand (True) Ending of ANONYMOUS;CODE will finally play. 

    ANONYMOUS;CODE is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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