Chaos;Child Endings Guide

    Uncover the true of Chaos Child.

    Science Adventure visual novel Chaos;Child finally makes its way to Nintendo Switch with multiple endings to pursue. Five required endings must be reached to unlock the true ending of Chaos;Child, and this guide should shed some light on the path forward.

    Before diving into Chaos;Child, players should have completed Chaos;Head Noah and all of its endings to gain sufficient context about the New Generation Murders. The events of Chaos;Head Noah directly affect what’s to come in Chaos;Child. Fortunately, we also have a full guide dedicated to reaching all endings in Chaos;Head Noah!

    Special Note: Unlike Chaos;Head Noah, players can’t reload saves to proceed into different routes. Each route has specific Delusion Triggers that must be activated in the first chapter, so starting from New Game into each route is the way to go. In addition, this Chaos;Child endings guide will remain mostly spoiler-free.

    Common Route

    The first playthrough of Chaos;Child is locked into the common route, one of the most extensive routes in the game. Regardless of Delusion Trigger use, players should reach the first ending with relative ease. This is a good opportunity to explore a lot of scenes using Delusion Triggers since it does not factor into the ending in the first go around.

    True World Route (Hinae Arimura Ending)

    After completing the common route, the Extras Menu is unlocked and players have access to the game’s various endings. Players should start the game once more and proceed into Hinae Arimura’s route. To enter the route, players should activate a total of four positive Delusion Triggers involving Hinae before Chapter 6. Once the True World Route begins, players should activate all positive delusions to proceed toward the required “dark sky end.”

    Pandemic Call Route (Hana Kazuki Ending)

    To enter Hana Kazuki’s route, players must activate all positive Delusion Triggers involving the character before Chapter 6. The last positive Delusion Trigger is an additional delusion in Chapter 3. However, a Mapping Trigger must be completed correctly to proceed to the required “deep sky end.” Dialogue during the Mapping Trigger will state the locations to mark down with a pin.

    Mark these three points on the map to successfully reach Hana’s ending:

    Pink pin is marked by Serika. | Chaos;Child Endings Guide
    Butterfly Route (Uki Yamazoe Ending)

    The routes in Chaos;Child have been fairly straightforward so far, but Uki’s route changes things up slightly. To enter Uki’s route, the player must activate Negative Delusion Triggers involving death and a single Positive Delusion Trigger where Uki appears.

    Specifically, the player needs to first activate three Negative Delusions in Chapter 1: the second Delusion Trigger, the eighth Delusion Trigger, and the eleventh Delusion Trigger. In Chapter 4, the player should activate a Negative Delusion outside Aoba Dorm. The Positive Delusion Trigger should be activated in the first Delusion Trigger of Chapter 5.

    Players should proceed normally until near the end of Chapter 8 where Uki’s route begins. To reach the required “dream sky end,” all Positive Delusion Triggers should be activated.

    Special Note: Uki’s route has multiple bad endings and an additional “good” ending. The “another sky end” may be reached if the player activates a Negative Delusion in the second Delusion Trigger followed by a Positive Delusion in the third Delusion Trigger. However, this ending is not required for the true ending.

    Heads or Tails Route (Nono Kurusu Ending)

    The true ending is within reach, and Nono’s route is about as long as Uki’s route and the first route of the game. To enter Nono’s route, players must activate all Positive Delusion Triggers involving the character. Most of the Delusion Triggers required are in Chapter 1 and involve characters such as Itou and Kawahara too. An additional Delusion appears in Chapter 1 as well. The next and last Positive Delusion Trigger that should be activated is in Chapter 4.

    Players should proceed normally past Chapter 9 to reach the “real sky end.” Delusion Triggers after Chapter 9 do not factor into the ending. Nono’s route only has one ending since the bad ending was cut from Chaos;Child.

    Chaos;Child True Ending

    Once all five required endings are reached, the final route may be accessed from the Chaos;Child title screen. It’s hard to miss since a Di-Sword appears in the main menu. Proceed to obtain the true ending of Chaos;Child. The entire adventure of Chaos;Head Noah / Chaos;Child Double Pack is complete!

    Lastly, an in-depth review of Chaos;Head Noah / Chaos;Child Double Pack is available here at Final Weapon.

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