Atelier Ryza 3: All Normal Quests Guide

    Atelier Ryza 3 has 70 Normal Quests that have tons of rewards on offer! Use our Atelier Ryza 3 Normal Quests Guide to keep track of them all!

    How to Find Normal Quests?

    Normal Quests are found like any other quest! Check your map for an orange icon. After completing Normal Quests I recommend resting at a campsite or an Atelier for a day. This will ensure that any more quests will open up if they are available. Check your area maps and rest often to stay on top of these Quests!

    Normal Quests

    These are put in order of the Normal Quest list and include the region they are found in.

    • Mr. Brunnen’s Siege – Kurken
    • Seeking Innovation – Kurken 
    • Seeking Innovation 2 – Kurken
    • Ryza’s Help is Welcome – Kurken
    • The Aftermath of the Islands’ Appearance – Kurken
    • Romy’s Sense of Smell – Kurken
    • Find the Missing Child – Kurken
    • Eliminate the Monsters at the Old Castle – Kurken
    • Pamila’s Triumphant Return – Kurken
    • Samuel’s Famous Sword – Kurken
    • Ruffian of the Waterfall – Kurken
    • Major Cleanup of Crystal Cave – Cleria
    • Made-to-Order Frame – Cleria
    • Request From a Closet Art Enthusiast – Cleria
    • Where Did That Energy Go – Cleria
    • Dreaming of the Market Revival – Cleria
    • New and Super Precious Material – Cleria
    • Bring Back the Market Manager – Cleria
    • Market Revival Coming Soon – Cleria
    • Making the Market Main Attraction – Cleria
    • The Recipe Sleeps at the Old Fairystone Silo – Cleria
    • Small Devils on the Road – Cleria
    • Take Back the Treasure – Cleria
    • Leave Delivery to Me! – Cleria
    • I’ve Got This Too! – Cleria
    • Not Enough Material for the Device! – Nemed
    • Sympathy Among Countrymen – Nemed
    • Faurre’s Famous General Store – Nemed
    • Let’s Build a Bridge – Nemed
    • Defend the Rangeland – Nemed
    • Defend the Rangeland 2 – Nemed
    • Take This if You’re Tired – Nemed
    • A Breath of the Sea to Faurre – Nemed
    • A Silly Lover’s Quarrel – Nemed
    • A Request to Investigate the Temple – Nemed
    • Blossoming the Flowers of the Human World – Underworld Orim
    • A Special Gift from Hometown – Underworld Orim
    • Fi’s Appeal – Underworld Orim
    • Preparing for Battle Against the Philuscha – Underworld Orim
    • Professional Exterminator of Philuscha Nests – Underworld Orim
    • The Era Before the Age of God – Underworld Orim
    • A Gift to a Late Young Brother – Underworld Orim
    • Protect the Line of Defense – Underworld Orim
    • The Scent of Flower Gardens to the Sanctuary – Underworld Orim
    • Let’s Heal This Tough World – Underworld Orim
    • Turf War – Cleria
    • An Unexpected Fishing Contest – Cleria
    • A Suspicious Silo – Cleria
    • To Where the Railroad Leads – Cleria
    • A Slacker? – Cleria
    • Lost and Found – Cleria
    • The Forest with Sleeping Resources – Cleria
    • Incoming Heat – Cleria
    • Dian’s Treasure Hunting – Nemed
    • The Untapped Resources in the Forest – Nemed
    • Mana of Ore – Nemed
    • The Mystery Illuminated by the Lighthouse – Kurken
    • Flower Picking Is on Us – Kurken
    • What Can We See From the Hill? – Kurken
    • Trial at the Land of Three Swords – Kurken
    • Let’s Stop the Earthquake! – Kurken
    • Investigating the Scars of War – Nemed
    • Lessons from Ruins – Nemed
    • What Frightens the Underworld – Underworld Orim
    • Investigating the Caver One More Time – Underworld Orim
    • Feel the Great Tree’s Life Energy – Underworld Orim
    • Attracted to the Light of Mana – Underworld Orim
    • Stone Tower Conservation Project – Underworld Orim
    • Chasing and Defeating the Philuscha – Underworld Orim
    • A Surprise from the Blue Life Spring – Kurken

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    Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key is an amazing time that I highly recommend. So please consider checking out the Atelier series and the other Ryza games.

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