Atelier Ryza 3: Supply Point Recipes

    Atelier Ryza 3 has a ton of things to create! Use our Atelier Ryza 3 Supply Point Recipes Guide to find all of the hidden recipes!

    What are Supply Points?

    Supply points are glowing blue or gold crystals that randomly spawn in certain areas throughout the world. You use your Keys to unlock them in order to obtain the supplies contained within.

    How to Get Recipes from them

    So, Supply Points are randomly spawned with random loot inside of them. Your chances of getting better loot is increased by the rarity of the key you use to unlock it. Rare Keys work ok but using Super Rare Keys guarantees a Recipe drop. Keep an eye out for books and scrolls when raiding supply points.

    There are landmarks that have Supply Point spawns near them. I kept fast traveling to the Old Fairystone Silo because 90% of the time a supply point was a 2-second walk from it.

    Check this Key Guide to get a basic understanding of how Keys work.

    Recipe List

    There are 25 Recipes that can be procured from Supply Points. They range from some mid-range weapons, seeds, some items, and the Radiant Plate needed to get Tao’s Ultimate Weapon Recipe.

    • Radiant Plate
    • Claw
    • Single-handed Staff
    • Grace Nero
    • Solid Ice Fuel
    • Poison Seeds
    • War Hammer
    • Mage’s Robe
    • Soldier’s Cuirass
    • Bow
    • Mystic Seeds
    • Axe
    • Elven Robe
    • Moonlight Cloak
    • Four Seasons Dome
    • Double Sword
    • Single-handed Sword
    • Stone Seeds
    • Fan
    • Fire Seeds
    • Great Sword
    • Two-handed Staff
    • Dragon Mail
    • Long Sword
    • Water Seeds

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    Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key is an amazing time that I highly recommend. So please consider checking out the Atelier series and the other Ryza games.

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