Atelier Ryza 3: How to Get Grand Orgen

    Grand Orgen, the ultimate ingot in Atelier Ryza 3. This rare and hard-to-make item is the basis for some of the best weapons, armor, accessories, and items in the game. Our Atelier Ryza 3 Grand Orgen Guide is your best bet for getting the best metal.

    What is it Used For?

    Grand Orgen is the best ingot in the game (ignoring possible future DLC). It is used to make many powerful pieces of gear including several accessories and even each character’s Ultimate Weapon.

    You can find a list of the Ultimate Weapons here.

    How to Get Grand Orgen Recipe?

    Grand Orgen’s Recipe is nearly at the very tip-top of the skill tree and costs 1500 SP. It will take a decent chunk of time to get it even if you railroad yourself toward it.

    Its use case is also limited if you don’t do many quests in order to get the Ultimate Weapons as well. So keep up on doing quests and crafting to get extra SP and then you should get Ultimate Weapon Recipes and more Grand Orgen Recipes.

    How to Make Grand Orgen?

    The items required to make it are a Rainbow Gemstone and Septrin, Both of which can be found in Underworld Orim by breaking rocks and crystals respectively. Septrim especially is rare so you will have to make multiple runs through areas like the Old Dragon Shrine.

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