Atelier Ryza 3: All Character Quests Guide

    The characters in this game have a lot to them. See what personality quirks they have, listen to their troubles, and learn about them! Use our Atelier Ryza 3 Character Quests Guide to see every event!

    How to Find Character Quests

    Character Quests are super easy to find.

    1. Check back at the Secret Hideout or your Ateliers. They will pop up when you go inside of them. I had so many stocked up once that I was walking in and out of the Hideout for 10 minutes watching character interactions!
    2. Check your map! There are easy-to-see red icons that let you know exactly where they are!

    Atelier Ryza 3


    • Insectivore
    • Ingrained Habits
    • Beautiful Writing
    • Reasons to Dream
    • Why I Turned Down the Proposal
    • Clifford’s Gift
    • Three Medicines
    • Time Capsule
    • Why I Turned Downt the Proposal 2
    • Klaudia, the Artist
    • Everything Ready!


    • Sense of Being Ingrained
    • Judging by Appearance
    • A Familiar Place to Live
    • As Long as It Is Nourishing
    • I Can Do It Now
    • The Bakery of Life
    • Settling a Failed Quest
    • The Place to Travel
    • Late Summer (Lent)


    • Luxurious Worries
    • An Accumlation of
    • Incompataible Claims
    • What Looks the Same
    • Only They Do Not Understand
    • A Broken Fishing Rod
    • Tao’s Perfume?
    • The Old Tale of Faurre
    • Books and Spoken Tradition
    • The Green Devil
    • Tao’s Secret Training
    • Was It This Small?
    • Late Summer (Tao)


    • I Still Cannot Believe I Am Here
    • NeighborhoodDifferences
    • Price Wars
    • A Bookmark
    •  The Settling of Tao
    •  The Diary
    • Because I Have Been Trained
    • Secrets of Taste
    • The House
    • The House 2
    • The House 3
    •  Our Differences
    • Habituation
    •  Conscious Laughter


    • Emil
    • Age Unknown
    • A Different Kind of Gate
    •  An Underworld Bride
    • Specialties of the Oren
    • The Sound of the Oren’s Levity
    • Dreaming of Someday
    • Place for the Heart
    • Not Willing to Consider
    • Reasons for the Monocle
    • Haven’t Heard Anything
    • What Is Really Inside
    •  After-Sales Service
    • Late Summer (Empel)


    • Hidden Pages
    • Where is Serrri Now?
    • The Smell of the Enemy 
    • Lila at the Mercy of the Enemy
    • Lost Song
    • A Girl’s Memory
    • Suvivors Meals
    • Color of the Eyes
    • Reading and Writing
    • Hard Water
    • Molting Season
    • In Perfect Shape
    • Late Summer (Lila)


    • Disappearing Meals
    • This past year for Bos
    • The Stubborn Ones
    • Using the Fairystones
    • Everyone’s Better
    • By My Will
    • Man with a Nice Beard
    • My Obsession 
    • My Obsession 2
    • Bring It to the Island?
    • Underworld Pressure
    • Shrimp and Bugs
    • Right on My Head
    • Late Summer (Bos)


    • Glass Instruments
    • Glass Instruments 2
    • Food Critic
    • Directional Map
    • The Glass River
    • Unusual Weapons
    • The Meaning of the Smoke
    • But I Like It…
    • Middle Management
    • Loyal Fans
    • Appearance and Reality
    • Point and Call
    • Unexpected Personality


    • Wild Meat
    • Won’t Worship
    • The Dragon We Saw
    • Calm Village
    • The Forest Assailant
    • A Man’s Dream
    • Criteria for Judgement
    • Mother and Sister
    • Siblings Sense
    • An Important Amulet


    • Human Ornaments
    • Do You Know Ali?
    • Won’t Grow Anymore
    • Changing Place
    • Things that Move Easily
    • How to use a Watermill
    • Apples!
    • Bumpkin
    • Near and Far
    • Hair Onraments of Spirits
    • Tribe’s Tomb
    • Wave Tuner’s Life
    • Who Is Older?

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    Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key is an amazing time that I highly recommend. So please consider checking out the Atelier series and the other Ryza games.

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