Octopath Traveler II: Secondary Jobs and How to Get Them

    The classic job system makes its return! Use our Octopath Traveler II Secondary Jobs Guide to learn all about Secret Jobs!

    What are Secondary Jobs?

    Secondary Jobs are a second job you can equip to your Protagonists. They don’t change their default jobs at all like in the first game. The way you gain many jobs is through Guilds. The normal Guilds allow your characters to equip a job that is the same as another character. However, besides the Default Jobs, there are Secret Jobs. Unlike the first game, however, they don’t all involve traversing a dungeon and overcoming a boss fight.

    Use our Guild Locations Guide to find the Default Job Guilds!


    Location: – northeastern Eastern New Delta Highroad

    How to Get: – It’s as easy as just going into the guild and speaking to the guild master. However, be forewarned, this job doesn’t use JP to unlock skills. It uses specific items, so it will take some time and effort to flesh out.


    Location: – Gravell

    How to Get: – You unlock this job by speaking to a blacksmith. In order to get into his abode you must get a guy out from in front of the door. Challenge and defeat him or use other Path Actions. Once again this is a job that doesn’t gain skills from JP. You bring rusted weapons to the blacksmith. He then restores them and you equip them to use Armsmaster skills.


    Location: – The Lost Isle

    How to Get: – As Partitio, purchase the boat in Beasting Village for 100,000 in cash. The Lost Isle is at the bottom right of the game world. You will have to fight a lvl 45 boss before reaching the island. When on the island, swap to night and follow a blue light after going up the ladder. The Arcanist will appear, give you the job, and disappear into the night. Easy enough!


    Location: – Ku, Five-Tiered Tower

    How to Get: – Finish Hikari’s story. The Tower is on the right side of Ku’s castle entrance. You must fight 5 bosses, the Conjurer is the final of these bosses. The Conjurer swaps forms, changing weaknesses when they swap. Defeat the Conjurer to obtain the job license. This job’s skills cost 2,000 JP a pop.

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