Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – How to Use Items

    Just like in normal Final Fantasy games, you have items! They have different uses that can do anything from boosting your characters, healing, or giving you more rewards! This handy Theatrhythm How to Use Items Guide has all the item details you need!

    What do Items Do?

    Each item has various beneficial effects. Here’s a list explaining each item.

    • Potion: Restores 30% of HP when HP drops below 20%
    • Hi-Potion: Restores 50% of HP when HP drops below 15%
    • Phoenix Down: Revives you to 30% HP if KOed
    • Silver Growth Egg: 2x Exp. Gain
    • Gold Growth Egg: 4x Exp. Gain
    • Mog’s Amulet: Doubles CollectaCard drops

    There are also items that boost character stats. You can use these from the party menu!

    How to Equip Them

    When you’re on the screen before you start a song you’ll see an item bar. All you have to do is move your cursor up to it! Select any item you want. You can equip all of them if you desire! 

    Theatrhythm Final Bar Line items

    How to Use Character Items

    Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Character Items

    You can use these items in your Edit Party menu. Just press ‘Y’ or ‘Square’ on the desired character in your party.  This can augment your favorite characters so that you never have to drop your favs! Here’s a list of these items (they boost the stat that’s in their name).

    • Guard Plus
    • Power Plus
    • Magic Plus
    • Mind Plus
    • Speed Plus
    • Luck Plus

    There are also Ability Scrolls that are used in the exact same way as these stat items. Ability Scrolls will imbue your selected character with the stated skill. These items combined with the stat items can help you build a truly strong team of your favorite characters.

    • Ruin Scroll: Deals damage in proportion to the user’s Magic.
    • Mystic Aura Scroll: Increases damage the party leader deals with abilities.
    • Bravery Scroll: Increases damage the party deals with physical abilities.
    • Provoke Scroll: Lowers enemy defense and raises enemy attack power.
    • Meltdown Scroll: Deals damage in proportion to the user’s Magic and lowers enemy defense and magic defense.
    • Rare Summoner Scroll: Increases the rarity level of effects on summon stones that appear in treasure chests.
    • Steal Scroll: Small chance of stealing an item from the enemy.
    • Drain Scroll: Deals damage in proportion to the user’s Magic and restores some HP)
    • Drain Blade Scroll: Deals damage in proportion to the user’s Strength and restores some HP.

    How to Get Items

    You get many items from just playing the game normally. Going through quest mode gives you items upon the completion of each stage. However, those one-time rewards. How do you get more?

    Farming items is fairly time-consuming no matter what you do. You must replay stages in order to get treasure chest drops. Gaining more Rythmia has various rewards, including items.

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