Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – How to Turn Off Combat Animations

    Do you find the character and monster animations during gameplay a tad distracting? I mean, these little guys are doing all kinds of stuff right around the notes you’re supposed to be focused on. Great news! You can change a few settings in order to remove any distractions you may have! Here’s how to turn off the animations in Theatrhythm!

    Options Menu

    The first thing to do is go to the options menu. This can be accessed by choosing the gear icon on the far right of the main menu and selecting ‘MS Settings’ within this option. You can also change these settings by pressing the Y/Square button when choosing your party items, and difficulty while choosing a song.

    It’s here where we’ll be making changes. So, here’s what to keep an eye out for!

    Animation Options

    Some players may find the battle animations distracting. The game has many different options toggles to help minimize the crazier animations that could be throwing off your concentration. There are a few self-explanatory options in the menu. There are several, so you can really pick and choose what you’d like to see. 

    Theatrhythm Final Bar Line animation options

    Background Mask Level

    It’s entirely possible that you, the player, may just want any and all of the background goings-ons to simply cease. You don’t want to see videos, you don’t want to see wandering adventurers, and you most certainly don’t want to see any fighting! Well, consider yourself lucky! There’s an option that can make the background more low-key or outright gone! This should maximize your focus on the notes!

    Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Background Mask

    Turning off Sound Effects?!

    I know, this technically doesn’t apply to “Combat Animations”. This is tangential to this topic though as this is another possible distraction. Anyways, within these options, you do have toggles that let you turn off various sounds. The Trigger SFX applies to your notes, and I can see how some can find those effects distracting.

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